Case Studies

Diving Accident Results in Neck Injury in the Dominican Republic

While on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, a 23 year old man decided to do some recreational swimming. When he dove head first into a river, he hit his head on a rock and injured his neck. He was rushed to the emergency room of the nearest facility, but they did not have MRI capabilities. Seven Corners was contacted and decided, due to the high risk of paraplegia, that transportation via air-ambulance to a hospital in Miami was necessary. He is currently recovering and regaining mobility through therapy.

Sky Diver Shatters Hip in Afghanistan

One year after the largest terrorist incident to touch U.S. soil, a 65 year old Seven Corners’ insured planned a sky diving trip to Afghanistan. After experiencing the thrill of a lifetime, he landed poorly in a remote area close to Kabul and fractured his hip. He was taken to a local hospital, but they did not have any of the needed equipment to treat his condition. Seven Corners was contacted, and after review by our Medical Director, it was determined that he needed to be medically evacuated. We contacted our local air ambulance vendors, but because of the security risks from the unstable political situation at the time, most carriers were unwilling to fly into what was considered a war zone. We found a Turkish Air Ambulance service to perform the evacuation, and the gentleman was transported to Istanbul. He received the necessary care, and was sent back to the United States for recovery. All of these expenses were paid directly by Seven Corners.

Executives’ Private Plane Crashes in Namibia

Seven Corners had two clients traveling in Africa for business, when their private plane struck a telephone pole in Namibia. One gentleman sustained a fractured L1 vertebra, which was pressing against his spinal cord, and required emergency surgery. He was admitted to a clinic in Namibia, and Seven Corners immediately responded. An air ambulance was dispatched and he was medically evacuated to Johannesburg, South Africa. Upon arrival, he was placed under the care of a neurologist for reparative surgery. The second executive involved in the crash experienced superficial injuries. Seven Corners arranged for a medical evaluation a direct payment to the provider. Once they were released, Seven Corners coordinated their transportation back to the U.S. for recovery. Seven Corners’ medical director monitored the case from inception and consulted with physicians once they returned home.

Boating Accident in the Amazon River

A group of missionaries were traveling in the lower part of the Amazon River, deep into the Brazilian rainforest, when their boat hit a rock causing several people to fall into the river. One woman suffered a leg injury with an open fracture and a deep laceration to her leg. She was at risk of bleeding out, which can be fatal, and the group transported her back to their camp. Seven Corners was contacted and arranged for a helicopter to go and pick her up from the camp. She was taken to a rural hospital, stabilized and prepared for transportation via air ambulance to a major trauma hospital for emergency surgery. Since her treatment, she has achieved a full recovery.

Student Missing in China

While going to school abroad in China, a U.S. student insured by Seven Corners was not returning his mother’s attempts to contact him. The mother, after several days of trying to contact her son via email and phone, was desperate for help in locating him. She contacted Seven Corners seeking help. After several attempts, we were able to call the school the student attended in China and located him (3:00 AM EST). Seven Corners organized a conference call with his mother immediately, who was extremely happy to talk to her son. While it was only an oversight of the busy student to forget to reply back to his mother, this simple phone call that we arranged meant the world to her. The mother was finally at ease, knowing her son was well and grateful to Seven Corners for helping with this unusual request.

Traveler in Nicaragua Suffers From Guillain-Barre Syndrome

While visiting Nicaragua, an 18-year-old girl contracted Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This is a serious disorder that occurs when the body’s immune systems mistakenly attacks part of the nervous system, leading to nerve inflammation, which causes muscle weakness and in some cases, paralysis. By the time Seven Corners was notified of the situation, the patient had been admitted to a local hospital, experiencing limited mobility in both her arms and legs. While the patient was able to breathe on her own and was receiving good medical care, it was important that she be evacuated back home to the United States. To further complicate matters, the proceedings associated with this illness – such as length of treatment and recovery – raised concerns as to how long the patient would need to stay in Nicaragua. In the meantime, her mother was flown to Nicaragua to be by her side during treatment. Three days later, the patient was deemed stable and Fit-To-Fly. She was subsequently evacuated back to the U.S. via air ambulance. While the patient was in transit, Seven Corners Assist was facilitating arrangements for admission to a hospital in her hometown immediately upon arrival; and simultaneously keeping in frequent contact with her primary care physician, to ensure a smooth transference in all respects of this critical situation.

Afflicted Mother with Child in Spain

A mother with her 4 year old son were on their way to Barcelona, Spain. Upon arrival at the Madrid-Spain airport, the mother was overcome with acute abdominal pain and was diagnosed with acute appendicitis with possible peritonitis. She needed to be rushed to a hospital for immediate surgery, but she refused to be taken to the OR without having a trusted person to care for her son in her absence. Seven Corners was contacted and immediately arranged for an Embassy representative to take care of her son while arrangements were made to send the child’s father to Spain. After the mother spoke to the embassy attaché and was assured her son was well taken care of, did she consent to the operation. Seven Corners also arranged the direct payment with the hospital.

Car Accident in Ethiopia

When our member suffered from a severe car accident in Waliso, Ethiopia, it resulted in a fractured back and fractured ankle. We immediately evacuated her to Tel Aviv, Israel via air ambulance and flew her mother to Tel Aviv to be with her while she was hospitalized. We placed the member into the care of orthopedic and spinal specialists. All medical expenses were directly billed to the hospital and repatriation was arranged for her and her mother to return to the United States once she was declared “Fit-to- Fly.”

Head Injury Turns Severe in India

During a business trip in India, a Seven Corners’ insured was commuting by bus to his office. When the bus hit a large pothole, the insured was dislodged from his seat and he hit his head against the ceiling. What seemed to be a simple bump on the head later resulted in intense headaches and trouble in maintaining his balance. He contacted Seven Corners and discussed the situation with our medical director. It was quickly discovered that the simple bump on the head caused a subdural hematoma of the brain. Our medical director instructed the insured to go to a hospital immediately. Upon arriving, he was taken to the operating room for surgery. After his surgery and a few days of appropriate care, Seven Corners arranged for his return to the U.S. for further treatment.

Student Bitten By Poisonous Snake in Ecuador

While participating in an educational trip to the jungle in Ecuador, a student was bitten by an Ecuadorian Coral Snake. The snake possesses highly potent neurotoxic venom, meaning medical treatment was needed immediately. The student was rushed to the nearest hospital to find out they did not have the anti-venom needed to cure the symptoms. Time was of the essence since the girl was starting to show signs of paralysis. Seven Corners Assist was notified and immediately started to work towards an evacuation and began a search of hospitals that had the anti-venom. Two hours after Seven Corners was notified of the situation, the anti-venom was found and given to the patient. She was evacuated via air ambulance to the hospital with the treatment along with one of her best friends.

Breast Cancer Patient Seeks Treatment at Sea

When a longtime Seven Corners’ insured was diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she could not afford to quit her job in order to receive treatment in one location. As a worker on a sail boat, she needed to find accessible treatment. Seven Corners arranged for her to acquire chemotherapy at different port-cities, based on her travel itinerary, over the course of 9 months. In addition, Seven Corners directly paid the provider and sent maintenance medication to specified ports, post chemotherapy for her. Her successful treatment has allowed her to continue her work on the boat.

Missionary Traveler Suffers Life Threatening Accident

James D. was participating in a missionary travel project in Paraguay to rebuild houses, when something went terribly wrong. James was repairing a roof when he lost his balance and fell to the ground. He landed on a concrete floor obtaining a concussion and swelling to his brain. Seven Corners Assist was notified and quickly took control of the situation. Due to the injuries sustained in the accident, James was unable to be moved until his condition was stabilized. In the meantime, Seven Corners Assist flew James’ daughter to Paraguay to be at his bedside, until he was approved for flight. In addition to connecting James with his daughter, Seven Corners Assist kept in constant contact with his family in the U.S. updating them of the status of the situation. “Seven Corners was regularly updating me about the details of my father in-law’s condition, and the paramedic that escorted him back to the states was phenomenal. We are very happy that James decided to purchase the policy and we want to thank the people of Seven Corners for helping our family during this difficult time,” states Pete S.

Child Bitten by a Dog in Nicaragua

When a family, insured by Seven Corners, traveled to Nicaragua for vacation, they didn’t expect any big disruptions. Once there, their 7 year old son was bitten by a stray dog. When they took him for treatment, anti-rabies medication was unavailable at their current location. Seven Corners arranged for the medication to be shipped to a hospital in the capital city, as well as transported the young boy and his parents to the appropriate medical facility to begin the treatment. After receiving the required dosage,he was monitored for any potential reactions and fully recovered.

Political Evacuation in Sierra Leone

A group of missionaries, insured by Seven Corners, were stationed in Freetown, Sierra Leone when the political situation there became unstable. The U.S. State Department issued a warning for all U.S. citizens to leave Sierra Leone due this political instability. We arranged immediate transportation for the group and all of the missionaries were evacuated. The very next day they were en route back to the United States.

Emergency Medical Evacuation for Missionary from Haiti Earthquake Disaster

After the worst earthquake in two hundred years hit Haiti, there were many insureds that Seven Corners had to evacuate including a missionary group. As our medical director evaluated and assisted with all of the emergency care, he alerted Seven Corners that one our missionary travelers had a ruptured spleen, broken ribs and other injuries associated with trauma from the earthquake. Seven Corners immediately began coordinating with the U.S. Navy, as the only airport there was closed to private aircraft at the time. The Navy airlifted the member to the aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson where she was stabilized, received treatment and then repatriated back to the U.S.