24/SEVEN – Our Commitment to You

Dear Customers and Partners,

At Seven Corners, we believe in putting you, the customer first. Our mission is to protect our travelers and provide the highest levels of customer service. When you travel with us, you travel with 100+ customer-focused travel insurance professionals ready to assist you.


Our 24/SEVEN customer service guarantee ensures your experience is our priority. We are committed to holding ourselves accountable for meeting the highest customer service standards in the travel insurance industry. You can travel with us confidently knowing you have support from the time of policy purchase to your safe return home.

The 24/SEVEN customer service guarantee embodies seven pillars of our commitment to you, including:

  1. An easy purchase process delivered through website content that is easy to understand and navigate.
  2. Daily purchase assistance from our sales team if you wish to speak directly to a team member before purchasing.
  3. Timely and relevant information shared via email from time of purchase through time of departure and return home.
  4. 24/7 access to our Customer Service team whenever you need them.
  5. Tools and technology that allow you to connect with our team through your online account, our mobile app, or your preferred text and chat channel.
  6. 24/7 travel assistance services with the ability to video chat with our Assist Services team.

We appreciate the trust you place in us for your travel insurance needs. If you find that we are not upholding our commitment to these areas of the 24/SEVEN customer service guarantee, I invite you to contact us at care@sevencorners.com and we will raise any concerns to our customer experience council to make certain we address your feedback.

Thank you for traveling with Seven Corners.



Sue Clevenger, Director – Customer Experience

Continuous Improvement

Person texting Seven Corners

Text Us! Use +1-888-655-1402 to text instead of calling, emailing, or chatting. 

WhatsApp is a great tool. Message +1-317-430-1140 to contact us from all over the world. 

Video Chat is available when you contact our medical assistance team. This team often helps customers who are dealing with an emergency, and it’s helpful to connect via video.

Sven the puffin is here to assist you in finding travel insurance.

Many of our customers requested more self-service options, and we delivered, with plans for more on the way.

  • File a Claim
  • Cancel your plan
  • Update your contact information
  • View plan information
Multigenerational group travel.

We created new international travel medical plans. They have the same coverage as our existing plans, and they also cover COVID-19 medical expenses.

Community service.

Our Travel with Purpose program gives customers the option to direct a $1 donation to one of 13 nonprofit organizations that work for good around the world. Learn about Seven Corners’ plan to give back!