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The Adventure Team Cruises Around the Caribbean: Marisha's Birthday Voyage

Adventure Team | Aug 26, 2016

Marisha Adventure Team
Please welcome the newest member of the Seven Corners Adventure Team, Marisha!

Marisha just returned from a Caribbean cruise that set sail from New Orleans. 

Marisha's Story:

I just celebrated my FABULOUS 40th birthday by taking a cruise in the beautiful Caribbean! We started off with a little partying in New Orleans on Bourbon St. and the next day I boarded the Carnival Triumph heading to Cozumel and Progresso Yucatan. While in Cozumel I took an excursion riding scooters under water.  I have to admit I was beyond freaked out by getting on a scooter that was already submerged underwater, but once I relaxed and decided to open my eyes it was the most beautiful and coolest thing ever.  I was literally talking to myself saying how cool it was, yet no one could hear me!  I got to feed pretty fish out of the palm of my hand, hold stingray, a spider and sea urchin. We went down 15 feet for 30 minutes, but never felt like it. I didn’t make it off the boat in Yucatan due to long unexpected nap so my "adventure" took place on the deck!  This was best birthday so far.

Would you take this adventure again?

I would totally do this again -- hands down and I would recommend to anyone going to Cozumel.

What are you planning for your next adventure?

I’m looking at going to Belize or the Bahamas next year.  It’s yet to be determined which one if not both!

More pictures from Marisha's adventure:

Marisha joins the Adventure Team!

Underwater scooter adventure in the Gulf of Mexico!

Marisha joins the Adventure Team!

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