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The Adventure Team Goes to Sedona

Adventure Team | Jul 6, 2017

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Newest member of the Seven Corners Adventure Team, Annette Gobrogge, serves as the Director of Human Resources here at Seven Corners. She recently took an adventure with her husband to hike and explore the beautiful canyons of Sedona, Arizona. Here is her story:

My husband and I decided to make a quick trip to Sedona, Arizona over Memorial day weekend. We started our trip early Saturday morning with a nonstop flight into Phoenix. We then got our rental car and took off for our 2-hour drive to Sedona. What we weren’t expecting was the amount of traffic also heading up to Sedona and Flagstaff that day!

We learned later that more than 2 million people visit Sedona each year and the sun shines over 300 days out of the year! It ended up taking us almost 3 hours to get into Sedona but once we came around the bend we couldn’t believe our eyes! This is what we saw:


After we got settled into our hotel, we couldn’t wait to start our adventure. The first stop was to get some dinner, so we went to Saltrock Southwest Kitchen. This restaurant was part of a resort that looked directly out onto the rock formation-Snoopy!  


The next morning we hiked we got up bright and early and hiked Bell Rock. The hike at Bell Rock can be divided into four sections: the courthouse vista, the lower bell rock trail, the upper bell rock trail and the Ascent which is a strenuous climb to the apex of one of the spires. We chose to hike the upper bell rock trail.

This picture is looking at the northern face of Bell Rock:


The next day we decided to hike Cathedral Rock which is a short .7 mile hike but was a very strenuous trail and half way through the trail it has a near vertical segment which requires climbing. This is not a hike for people that are afraid of heights. I made it half way up (see the picture below) and then decided not to go any further because there were so many people. 

Even though we only had 2 full days in Sedona, we had a great time exploring and hiking. We can’t wait to go back and find more things to explore! 


Some fun facts about Sedona:

  • The canyon walls of Sedona show nine layers of stone from different geological periods! 
  • Sedona’s elevation is 4,500 feet above sea level
  • More than 90 feature films and countless videos and commercials have been shot in Sedona