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The Adventure Team Takes on Aruba

| Apr 19, 2018

Adventure Team in Aruba
In 2016 I discovered that a co-worker of mine, Kim Harvey, owned a time share in Aruba and had an extra week available, I snapped it up in a heartbeat. I’ve traveled all over the Caribbean, yet had never made my way there. I fell immediately in love with the island on my first trip and take every opportunity to return. Thankfully, Kim extended an invite to me and a few friends to join her during her most recent trip; our flights were booked within a week of the offer.

I am going to preface this portion of my adventure by stating that I have been traveling regularly for 10+ years, taking multiple roundtrip flights per year and I have never missed a flight. I have run through airports and thanked my lucky stars for TSA pre-check, and friendly gate agents, but never missed a flight…my luck came to an end and I missed my 7:40 am flight!  Thankfully, I was able to re-book later in the morning and I could relax knowing I would still have my toes in the sand by that evening. I did spend a good amount of time walking around the Indianapolis airport, snapping pics and sharing on Instagram, what better way to spend a morning #loveindy.

Indianapolis Airport

When I arrived I knew the trip was going to be amazing, we had no real plans other than to see the island and relax.  We all have an adventurous spirit and had off-roading on our minds. After scouting out a few places we ended up at Justin’s ATV Rentals.  We started our adventure at the California Lighthouse and ended at Baby Beach.

The views were as beautiful as I remembered and I found a few new places along the way including the ‘fish pedicure’ at Fontein Cave in Arikok National Park. Outside of the cave is a trail that leads to an old abandoned farmhouse, on the way is a small bridge with a  stream full of fish that are eager to feast on your feet.  If you have ticklish feet like me, you will spend the entire time laughing, no pain involved with this free pedicure.  After our pedicures we were off to our next sight! 

Fish pedicure

Aruba is home to 100+ wild donkey’s that roam the island, they also have a Donkey Sanctuary located along the drive to Baby Beach. Unfortunately, one of my travel companions is deathly allergic to donkey’s so we skipped the stop. My disappointment was short lived as we found donkey’s near a covered pavilion on our way back from Baby Beach. I gave every donkey friendly snack (I packed extra bananas just for them), along with some bottled water, were offered up to my new friends. Perfect timing, perfect adventure, perfect day!

Aruba Donkeys

We followed up our off-roading adventure with a day adventure aboard a pirate ship; swimming, snorkeling and walking the plank. The following days were filled with a lot of sunshine, sand and fruity cold beverages at various beaches including; Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, and Baby Beach (again) – I enjoyed every minute and can’t wait to return!