Seven Corners is happy to offer special discounts and services to you through WellCard™!

Use WellCard to lower your cost for these products and services in the United States and receive cash rewards:

  • Prescription drugs - save up to 50%
  • Dental services - save up to 45%
  • Vision services - save up to 50%
  • Diabetic care & supplies – save up to 75%
  • Hearing aid
  • Mail order vitamins
  • Daily living products – receive discounts for medical supplies and equipment
  • 24/7 Telehealth – Pay per consult! For a small consult fee WellCard members have access 24/7/365 to a licensed physician. Receive convenient and safe care without leaving home.

Sample Savings

PrescriptionAverage Retail RateSavings % off Retail Member Rate with WellCardRX
Ciprofloxacin 500 MG $39.0090%$4.00
Zolpidem 10MG$70.0089%$7.28
Metformin 1000MG$27.6586%$4.00
ProAir HFA$81.0022%$63.15

WellCard is free – share your card with friends and family and continue to use it after your coverage with Seven Corners ends!

Signing up is easy

  1. Visit »
  2. Enter the group ID shown on the card you received from Seven Corners or enter group ID: AT007000
  3. Once registered with WellCard Health, navigate to Pharmacy > Discount Pricing to receive a quote on your prescription medications.
WellCard is not insurance and does not replace our existing networks. Your information is kept private with the WellCard discount program, which is HIPAA compliant
Well Card Smart Simple Savings