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Any person who, with intent to defraud or knowing that he/she is facilitating a fraud against an insurer, submits an application or files a claim containing a false or deceptive statement is guilty of insurance fraud. It is a crime to knowingly provide false, incomplete or misleading information to an insurance company for the purpose of defrauding the company. Penalties include imprisonment, fines and denial of insurance benefits. In submitting this claim to Seven Corners, Inc., I declare that I have read & understood my policy’s terms and conditions and agree to the privacy policy and to the Fraud Notices.

I hereby authorize Seven Corners, Inc. (hereinafter COMPANY) to mail any payments to the above listed address and to deposit any amounts owed me for reimbursement of medical expenses or services rendered by initiating credit entries to my account at the financial institution (hereby BANK) indicated above. Further, I authorize BANK to accept and to credit any credit entries indicated by COMPANY to my account. In the event that COMPANY erroneously deposits funds in my account (by way of example, I am not entitled to the funds or the amount of deposit Is incorrect or such funds are deposited in the wrong account), I authorize COMPANY to debit or credit my account in the amount necessary to correct the initial deposit, but in no case shall any debit exceed the amount of the initial deposit. I further agree COMPANY is not responsible for any transaction fees charged and will release Seven Corners of any liability in the event of lost or stolen payments.

You will be asked to attach proof of expenses and other needed documents in the next step.

FINAL STEP: Submit proof of payment for claimed expenses.

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