How Seven Corners Emergency Evacuation Saves Lives

May 17, 2016

Your clients will likely never have to use the emergency medical evacuation benefit in our travel insurance plans. However, it's important they understand that when needed, this benefit can save a life and prevent financial hardship.  

There are two key considerations for this benefit:

First and foremost, if your client is in a location without appropriate medical care, what will they do? That's when Seven Corners Assist steps in. Our multilingual team of experts assesses the situation and handles all arrangements.  

The second consideration is the cost. Depending on the situation, an emergency medical evacuation could range from $500 for a ticket upgrade to $200,000 for an air ambulance. A bill this large could devastate your client's finances.  

We've found the best way to help travelers understand the importance of emergency medical evacuation is by sharing real life situations we have handled. Here's a great example for you to share with your clients. 

What do you do? 

The phone rings and you find out your daughter, who is half-way around the world, has been seriously injured in a bus accident. That’s exactly what happened to Lawrence G. of St. Joseph, Missouri. Thankfully, his daughter was covered by a travel medical policy from Seven Corners. 

While traveling in Peru, Lawrence’s daughter suffered severe injuries in a bus accident, which left her on a ventilator with one functioning lung and a severely broken arm. Several local physicians recommended transportation to a nearby hospital for surgery, but one physician disagreed and instead prescribed a return to the U.S. for specialty thoracic surgery. Upon learning about this physician’s concerns, Seven Corners Assist consulted with our medical advisor. He reviewed the situation and promptly recommended that she return to the United States immediately, and Seven Corners Assist made the arrangements. We’re happy to report our member received the surgery she needed and recovered well! 

If Lawrence had been left on his own to handle his daughter’s emergency return to the United States, it might not have happened. That’s why travel assistance services are such an important component of travel insurance. Our multilingual team members have specialized resources at their fingertips, which they can use to quickly assess an emergency situation and work in tandem with the treating physician to provide the optimum solution for the member’s health and well-being. 

What about cost? 

This is a secondary component of the situation. The primary focus is, of course, the health and well-being of our member. In Lawrence’s case, the evacuation cost to bring his daughter home was $76,000, a high price tag for the average traveler. Most people would not be prepared or able to make a payment this large, especially when unexpected. It’s also possible that without the assistance team’s intervention, the evacuation may not have occurred. Timing is crucial, and resources can be tough to coordinate. This situation is a great example of the difference travel medical insurance can make for travelers, for a small price.

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