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The Market for Captum Kidnap & Ransom

Jul 11, 2016

Many of you are already recommending Captum Kidnap & Ransom insurance to your clients and understand the security this type of coverage provides. If you think this type of plan is not relevant for most travelers, you may want to consider how the nature and frequency of kidnappings have changed in recent years.

Kidnapping Has Changed
When you think of kidnapping, you likely think of an individual being held hostage while the kidnappers demand large amounts of money from the individual’s wealthy family or business. Today, kidnappers are a different breed, using new tactics and often targeting everyday travelers such as aid workers and middle income wage earners who are traveling abroad to work, volunteer, or vacation.

What are Express Kidnappings?
These continue to grow in popularity and are a type of kidnapping where a small ransom amount is demanded for immediate payment. In many cases, the victim is forced to withdraw money from his or her ATM account or hand over his or her ATM card and PIN number. Individuals are typically held from a few hours to a couple of days. And, an express kidnapping can happen to anyone anywhere.

Here are a few examples of travelers who could be at increased risk:

  • Missionaries traveling abroad
  • Relief and aid workers traveling to poor areas
  • Business travelers worldwide (this group often travels alone and is unfamiliar with their location)

Scary Places
According to Frank Zuccarello, there are areas where you are more likely to be kidnapped (although it could happen anywhere). Some of these include: Latin America, Mexico, war zones, and Africa (where humanitarian workers are often taken.)

Where is Coverage Provided and for How Long?
Captum covers your clients for travel outside their home country for a minimum of one week and as long as six months. For most locations, coverage is provided immediately through our online purchase process, and your clients receive ID cards and plan documents immediately. It’s the first guaranteed issue K&R plan on the market!

For high-risk locations, coverage must be underwritten. We are making updates to our purchase engine in the next month which will help your clients who are traveling to riskier areas. They will receive an option during the purchase process to submit an underwriting request form which will track your agent number.

Benefits include:

  • Ransom coverage up to $1,000,000
  • Unlimited coverage for consultant fees and expenses – will your clients know what to do if their traveling companion is kidnapped?
  • Personal Accident Coverage $250,000
  • Crisis services for:  kidnap, extortion, detention, threat, hijack, disappearance.

It’s Not Just about the Money — Security Exchange is specially trained in the crisis situations covered by Captum. Their multilingual team is available 24/7 to help, and chances are your client could benefit from guidance if they encounter one of the scary situations listed above.    

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