Holiday Travel for Your Clients

  • Melanie Danko
Oct 19, 2016

Are you preparing for the rush of flight and hotel bookings right around the holidays? You’re not alone! And chances are, a majority of your clients are doing the same. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for travel plans.

As we approach the holiday rush, travel plans are top of mind for most people. Studies show that people are more likely to wait until the last possible minute to book travel plans, but there are lots of benefits for booking early! So reach out to your clients who like to travel around the holiday season and encourage them to beat the rush and protect their trip purchase with travel insurance.

Here’s what you can expect as the holiday season draws near …

When are your clients ready to book?
Clients holding off until the last minute to book holiday travel? That’s no surprise, according to survey data by Adara, half of American travelers hold out for last minute sales for holiday season travel.

In 2014, half of all holiday flights were booked after November 17, and what’s more, half of hotel stays were booked after December 14, only a week in advance of Christmas!

In 2015 it was reported that 36,100,000 people were in and out of airports for Thanksgiving. According to Planestats.com, 1,720,000 airplane seats were booked on Thanksgiving. Shockingly, Thanksgiving isn’t the busiest time of year to travel. In 2015, U.S. Halloween won out as a busier travel holiday, with 2.06 million seats booked.

Where are your clients looking to book?
Home for the holidays? Doubtful! During the holiday season, people travel far and wide. Travel data aggregator, nSight, has compiled a holiday travel trend based on over 80 million daily transactions across 5,000 travel websites globally.

Cancun (Mexico) and Dubai are both on the top 10 search list. Cancun, the seventh most searched and sixth most booked city has the highest advance booking (for Christmas) window of 116 days. Orlando and New York have the highest advance booking (for New Year) window of 105 days. The highest booking window cities Cancun and Orlando have attracted the longest stay at six nights.

How travel insurance benefits your clients
One in six Americans has had their travel affected by medical conditions, natural disasters, or mechanical or travel carrier problems, and most trip cancellation plans provide protection for these types of problems. So in the event something happens on your clients’ holiday travels, they’ll be protected.

Roundtrip Elite includes benefit options that would help in case of an unexpected change in holiday plans. Travel insurance is an economical way for your clients to protect their investment in their trip and there is always an opportunity to cross sell travel insurance to your existing clients around the holiday season.

Above and beyond your client base, you probably have friends, family, neighbors, and members of your community who will be traveling for the holidays and could benefit from travel insurance.

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