Grow Your Business with Networking

  • Melanie Danko
Mar 10, 2017

In today’s world of social media and digital marketing, where everyone has their eyes on their phones at all times, networking in the real world can be a forgotten art and skill.  However, it is one that has not lost its meaning and remains an effective way to reach your clients and raise awareness for your business.  

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and look up from the comfort of your screens, you can start there! Utilizing your online prowess, you might want to take the first step by networking with people through your social media channels. We suggest utilizing LinkedIn as a tool to find like-minded professionals, community members that would be interested in your services, and even clients. Begin by reaching out to them but instead of simply pitching yourself and your business over a digital message, ask them to meet you for coffee or lunch to build a personal bond.

Once you’re ready to take it offline, here are some more effective ways to network.

Get Involved Locally
Getting involved in local organizations that support the travel insurance industry is a great way to network. Check to see if there are any local industry events that you can participate in. Getting involved in community organizations that are outside of your business scope and pursuing a passion project, like volunteering for a non-profit or joining a local board are other ways to build your personal network and get your name into the community.

Here are some options for involvement on a community level. Go for an organization that is life-giving to you personally. Even if it isn’t a networking opportunity, you may find yourself being more inspired in your daily work life:

Here are a few organizations and ways to do professional networking. Joining these organizations is one thing, but the real value comes when you show up, get involved and stay engaged in these professional communities:

Connect with Other Agents
Get to know the people in your community who work in your space. Ask friends and colleagues to refer you to like-minded individuals. Another great way to build bonds professionally is to seek out someone who has more experience in your field than you and ask them to mentor you. Being involved with others in your career space is a great way to stay successful and in-the-know.

Get Involved with Travel Media
Staying on top of current events, travel trends and industry news not only is a way to speak intelligently on your areas of expertise, but it may even lead you to opportunities to speak on certain current events. Developing personal and professional bonds with those in the media is a great way to stay engaged with what’s happening in the world and potentially even be a way for you to be a source of information and be featured in the news.

Talk About Travel
This is a very simple, yet effective and inexpensive way to get your name out there. If you love what you do, you’ll happily share it with those around you and pique their interest. You never know, the cashier at your local convenience store, barista, acquaintances at the gym or dog-walker could be your next client or connect you with someone who needs your services!

There’s a lot of value in developing interpersonal relationships and sharing your passion for what you do in day-to-day life by building human connections. Simply being willing to engage and network is a cost-effective, authentic and even fun way to build your business. Ready to log off yet? 

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