Hurricane Season! Here's What You Need to Know...

Jun 16, 2017

The six-month Hurricane season that begins June 1 is predicted to be especially active this year, particularly in the Atlantic. CNN reports that “as many as 17 named storms, and possibly four major hurricanes” may occur this year. If your clients are planning on traveling during hurricane season, be sure that they take extra precautions.

Facts to Know About Hurricanes:

  • Hurricanes are nature’s most powerful and dangerous storm that can cause severe property damage and death.
  • The National Hurricane Center also mentions storm surge flooding, inland flooding from heavy rains, destructive winds, tornadoes, and high surf and rip currents as additional hazardous hurricane effects.
  • Depending on location, hurricanes are also referred to as cyclones and typhoons.
  • Hurricanes can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. The average timespan is 10 days.

High-risk Locations:          

According to, the following are the top 5 U.S. cities most vulnerable to hurricanes:

  • Miami, Florida
  • Key West, Florida
  • Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Tampa, Florida

How You Can Protect Your Clients:

Travel insurance is a great tool that can help protect your clients' trip cost and themselves from the uncertainties of hurricane season. Seven Corners offers plans that can help diminish the stress of traveling during this potentially dangerous time.

Travel Medical

Seven Corners’ travel medical plans, Liaison Continent and Liaison Majestic, offer natural disaster benefits on top of medical protection.

  • Accommodations: Seven Corners will pay a rate of $250/day for 5 days if the principal lodging becomes uninhabitable due to a natural disaster.
  • Trip Interruption: If your client cannot continue their trip due to serious damage to their principal resident cause by a hurricane, Seven Corners will reimburse them up to $5,000 (Liaison Continent) or $10,0000 (Liaison Majestic) for economy travel home.
  • Evacuation: If a natural disaster makes your client's destination outside of the United States uninhabitable, we will arrange and pay to evacuate them from a safe departure point to the nearest safe location. Along with this, we will arrange and pay for up to 3 days of lodging if delayed at the safe location. We will also arrange and pay for one-way economy airfare for return to home home country following an evacuation. 

Trip Protection

Trip protection plans, such as Seven Corners’ RoundTrip Elite, also provides natural disaster protection benefits for the following scenarios:

  • If the primary residence becomes uninhabitable due to a natural disaster, your client can cancel or interrupt your trip, and we will reimburse your client for prepaid trip payments.
  • When inclement weather, such as a hurricane, causes complete cessation of common carrier’s services (i.e., airline, train, etc.) for at least 48 consecutive hours, your client can cancel or interrupt your trip and receive reimbursement for prepaid trip costs.
  • Elite also includes benefits for a missed cruise or tour departure – if your client is delayed for 3 or more hours due to a documented weather condition and cannot reach the departure point for their cruise or tour, we will reimburse them for additional transportation costs to join their trip and accommodation and meal expenses while they are delayed trying to join the tour/cruise.

An important note — plans must be purchased before there is a named storm. Otherwise, there is no coverage.

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