Summertime Means Time to Think About Student Travel

Jun 19, 2017


Although it may feel like school is out of sight and out of mind with summer vacation, graduations and more, now is the time to start planning ahead and thinking about student insurance! Students are gearing up for their fall semesters. With Seven Corners student plans, you can get a jump-start on this market!

ACA Compliance 

While there are some schools that require an ACA compliant plan, there are many that do not. Requirements are determined by each individual school, and many are moving away from an ACA plan requirement.

Seven Corners Student Plans
To buy Liaison® Student or Student® Express, your clients must be involved in full-time educational or research activities:

  • Non-United States citizens may travel to the United States with a J-1, H-3, F-1, M-1, Q-1, or similar visa.
  • United States citizens may travel anywhere outside the United States with a valid passport.

Opportunity for students traveling to the United States
The latest Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) report provides valuable information. For example, the number of active F & M students studying in the United States grew from 1.19 million in November 2015 to 1.23 million in November 2016, an increase of 2.9 percent. We are likely to see an increase in 2017.

About the J-Visa
When you're thinking about student insurance, you may want to consider the large and ever-expanding J-Visa market. What is a J-Visa? It is a non-immigrant visa issued to students and scholars visiting the U.S. who are participating in work and study based exchange programs.  

J-1 Visa Insurance Requirements
A J-1 visa holder and his or her family must have appropriate health insurance while participating in the program.

  • Medical coverage per accident or illness - $100,000
  • Repatriation of remains  - $25,000
  • Emergency medical evacuation  - $50,000
  • A deductible of $500 or less per accident or illness

To meet J-Visa requirements, any options for Liaison® Student will work. If you decide to go with Student Express® , any option, other than Plan K, will be J-Visa compliant. For more detailed information on the J-Visa and other student visas, the Department of State has a wealth of information available on their site.

Where are students traveling to the United States from? 
This map from SEVP breaks down the global perspective and provides insight on the home countries for students studying abroad:

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.00.19 AM


That's a lot of students traveling from a wide variety of places, meaning there is a large market for student travel insurance! 

How do you find these students? 
SEVP has a list of their certified schools. In addition, don’t forget that our plans accept visas other than F, M, and J. Visitors with H-3, Q-1, and other similar appropriate visas are also eligible for coverage. This includes OPT (Optional Practical Training), a program which allows foreign students with F-1 status to remain here for a 12-month period for post-completion employment. This provides them with a chance to receive practical training to complement their education. And naturally, they need insurance benefits during this time.   

Outbound U.S. Citizens studying abroad
Non-U.S. students are not the only ones traveling. Chances are if you know any college or university students here in the United States, they have traveled abroad or are planning to do so. In fact, over 325,000 U.S. students are participating in study abroad programs.

How do you find these students?
Check with colleges, universities, local technical and community colleges, as well as high schools and preparatory schools to locate participants and programs needing coverage. No matter where you live, there are likely members of your community who are planning to study abroad, maybe even some of your existing customers.

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