Why Your Clients Need Protection for Travel Abroad

Jul 17, 2017

With terrorist activity occurring on a frequent basis, now more than ever is a crucial time to keep travel insurance in mind when your clients travel abroad. Below is a map of complete, failed and foiled terrorist attacks plus related arrests across Europe in 2016. Despite the flurry of terrorist activity, particularly in Europe, people are continuing to travel abroad this summer — make sure your clients are protected! 


Due to the increased terrorist activity in Europe, the Department of State (DOS) issued a travel alert on May 1. To learn more about travel alerts and warnings and how they affect your clients’ travel plans and insurance coverage, click here.

How Do Trip Protection Plans Help with Terrorist Events?  

Trip Cancellation
Seven Corners' trip protection plans allow your clients to cancel their trip if a terrorist incident (as defined in the policy) occurs within 30 days of their departure date in a city listed on their trip itinerary, if that city did not have a terrorist incident within 90 days of the incident causing them to cancel the trip.

For a terrorist event to be covered, the U.S. Government must declare that the incident is an act of terrorism. Also, the plan states that the terrorist incident must be documented in a Travel Warning issued by the DOS advising Americans to avoid that country. This is regardless of whether the media deems an incident a terrorist event or not.  

Once the occurrence meets the definition of terrorist incident, your client will not have coverage for cancellation if they purchase the plan after the date the event was declared a terrorist incident.

Cancel for Any Reason 
RoundTrip Elite and RoundTrip Choice (available July 25) offer Cancel for Any Reason, an optional benefit that allows your clients to cancel their trip for any reason they want. This could be helpful if they are nervous about traveling due to terrorist activity because it would allow them to cancel for literally any reason.

To use the CFAR benefit, your clients must meet the following requirements:

  • Your client must buy CFAR within 20 days of paying the trip deposit and within 15 days of payment for subsequent travel arrangements added to the trip.
  • Your client  must buy coverage for 100% of their prepaid trip costs subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions.
  • Your client must cancel the trip 2 days or more before their scheduled departure date.
  • Your client will be reimbursed for 75% of their nonrefundable trip deposits, not 100%.
  • This is an optional benefit, and your client must pay the price increase for this benefit.

Medical Coverage
Seven Corners' trip protection plans normally cover medical expenses due to an accidental injury first occurring during your client’s trip, so if they were injured in a terrorist attack, it would be covered.

If you have questions about helping a client choose a plan, please contact our Sales Team at 1.800.335.0611 or They are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EDT and Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT.

For questions about benefits and coverage for an existing plan, you can speak with our Customer Service team 24/7. 

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