USDOS Travel Warning Issued in Mexico

  • Melanie Danko
Aug 31, 2017

The USDOS (U.S. Department of State) issues official travel alerts or warnings for U.S. travelers to highlight potential international dangers, and Mexico is one of many nations on their list. With travel warnings, the USDOS asks tourists to "consider very carefully whether you should go to the country at all."

On August 22, 2017, the U.S. Department of State  issued a travel warning for certain parts of Mexico, due to the activities of criminal organizations in those areas.

How does this effect you and your clients? This warning was issued for many areas, including  Cancun and Los Cabos, two of Mexico’s most traveled tourist destinations, after a major uptick in violence in those areas. In the past, these regions were mostly separated from the drug war and violence that has occurred in other areas of Mexico, but in 2017 each have seen a surge in killings and crime, with innocent bystanders being killed.

Should your client opt to travel to a country that is of higher risk, you may want to consider travel insurance options to cover them. Seven Corners has several plans that could be applicable in a number of different types of situations.

First, if your clients still wish to travel to Mexico but want an option to cancel their trip if things should worsen, Cancel For Any Reason is a good option. Our RoundTrip®Elite product includes this optional benefit. It allows your clients to cancel for literally any reason they want.

Cancel For Any Reason covers 75% of their nonrefundable trip cost if your clients cancel for any reason not otherwise covered, if: 

  1. Your client cancels 2 days or more before their scheduled departure date and
  2. They buy coverage within 20 days of their initial trip deposit, and
  3. They insure all nonrefundable prepaid trip costs (they must also insure the cost of subsequent travel arrangements added to their trip within 15 days of the payment/deposit for each of those arrangements). (Not available to NY and Florida residents.)

A second option for travel to an area such as Mexico is our crisis management plan, Negotiator.® It provides your clients with personal crisis management services when dangerous situations arise during travel outside their home country. These are called crisis events and include 24/7 assistance from trained professionals who are equipped to deal with these types of situations:

  • hijacking
  • disappearance
  • child abduction
  • bombing
  • civil commotion
  • act of terrorism
  • natural disaster
  • violent crime or malicious attack
  • wrongful detention
  • kidnapping
  • blackmail, or extortion
  • political threat to include upheaval from war, riot, rebellion, revolution, and invasion


Plans are available for up to 180 days. Pricing varies based on your travel destination and the length of time you travel. For more information on Negotiator – click here

Finally, given the elevation in kidnapping activity in Mexico, there are plans that specifically cover kidnap protection. Captum Kidnap and Ransom® provides up to $1,000,000 of protection for kidnap, ransom & more for trips up to 180 days. This plan provides:

  • Funds and crisis services for travel outside your clients’ home countries. These are called insured events and include kidnap, extortion, detention, threat, hijack, disappearance, or a series of connected events.
  • Personal Accident Coverage

In addition to the above coverage, your clients will also have access to Security Exchange which is available 24/7 to handle all communication and crisis response through their numerous geographical hubs. With a team of specially trained multilingual consultants, they are the point of contact for help and guidance if an insured event occurs.

NOTE: If your client is traveling to Mexico or one of the listed countries here, you must first contact us to get a quote. We will contact you within one business day with pricing and coverage details.

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