2018 Liaison Travel Medical Series Updates

  • Angela Borden
Apr 17, 2018

With competitive benefits and rates and one purchase link that displays options for any travel profile and price range, our new Liaison® travel medical series is a true market disrupter!

Here is a quick summary of updates for the 2018 Liaison Family:

Plan options include: 
  • Liaison Travel Economy – This is closely aligned with the former Liaison International plan. 
  • Liaison Travel Choice – This is similar to the former Liaison Continent plan. 
  • Liaison Travel Elite – This follows Liaison Majestic in design.  
These options display benefits clearly to reflect a good, better, and best plan. 

Rates – We have designed the rates to be more competitive in the market. 

Length of coverage – Liaison Travel Economy and Liaison Travel Choice provide coverage for up to 364 days. Liaison Travel Elite provides coverage for up to 1,092 days (three 364-day periods).  

Availability – You can sell all three plans, even if you did not previously. There is one link and one purchase engine – this provides consumers with a wide variety of options to suit any travel profile and price range. No going back and forth between plans to find the benefits and price consumers need!   

Product links – All individual product links for Liaison International, Liaison Continent and Liaison Majestic will automatically redirect to the Liaison Travel Medical Series page which displays the three new options. All purchases are online – we will no longer accept paper applications.  

Available in Spanish - All three plan options are available in Spanish. If your browser is set to Spanish, the web pages and quote form will display in Spanish. All fulfillment materials will be provided in Spanish as well. The brochure is available through the brochure builder in both English and Spanish!  

  • Your clients can now cover travel companions on the same certificate. A child now includes both a dependent child and a child 19 years or younger who is not related to the primary insured.  
  • There is no longer an option to cover U.S. citizens living abroad who are traveling to the U.S.
Pre-certification – This applies to inbound travelers only.

New Discount Card -  WellCard™ will provide discounts for dental, vision, hearing, and prescriptions. 

New Coinsurance PPO Network Options in the USA – Using the PPO network will reduce your clients’ out-of-pocket cost.  
Liaison Travel Economy:  In network:  80% first $5,000 then 100%; Out of network:  70% first $5,000, then 100%. 
Liaison Travel Choice:  In network:  90% first $5,000 then 100%; Out of network:  80% of first $5,000 then 100%. 
Liaison Travel Elite:  In network:  100%; Out of network:  90% first $5,000 then 100%. 

Geographic Restrictions – These will not change. 

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