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Don't Miss Our Year-end Updates

Don't miss our year-end news.

We’d like to take this time to wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year! Thank you for working with us in 2017, and we look forward to partnering with you again in 2018 to spread the news about travel insurance and the difference it can make.
Happy Holidays

RoundTrip Updates for Florida

Crum & Forster has updated rates and plan limits for Florida effective December 28, 2017. You do not need to take any action regarding these updates. New versions of the Florida brochures will be available in the Brochure Builder in the Agent Portal on 12.28.17.

This update includes these items:

  • The maximum trip cost for Florida will increase to $20,000 for Economy and $30,000 for Elite. These limits were previously $10,000.
  • For Elite, most rates for ages 0 to 55 fell. Rates for 56-81 increased an average of 3%.
  • For Elite, the rate-up for trips over 30 days fell significantly.
  • For Economy, rates fell for most bands, with some increases for ages 81 and over.
  • For Economy, the rate-up for trips over 30 days fell significantly.

View the updated RoundTrip Elite brochure and the updated RoundTrip Economy brochure.

An Educational Video for your Clients
If you have clients who don’t understand how travel insurance helps travelers, share this video with them. Two experts in dealing with travel emergencies share their thoughts about travel. Watch the video.

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