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October Agent Newsletter

Watch a compelling travel story.
We know that making changes to a policy after purchase can be time consuming for both you and your clients. To make these requests easier to address, we have developed a new process.   
This has been added to the agent site, so it will be available permanently for you to use as a reference for the future. 

How to make changes to a policy →

The Holiday Travel Rush is Almost Here

With the holidays creeping closer, your clients are likely in the process of making travel plans.

Between now and Thanksgiving, flight prices are expected to change more than 100 times. And, if your clients are flying to a popular destination, they can expect to see 250+ price fluctuations.

Help them navigate the holiday travel rush like a pro with our tips.

Privacy Disclosure is Important for Customers

Our customer service team frequently encounters situations where insureds want a friend or family member to talk with us about plan updates and claims information. These situations often involve protected health information (PHI), and customers are confused when we ask them to provide a privacy disclosure form before giving them any information.  

We have created a short summary document to explain this information. 

Learn about our privacy disclosure form →


Travel Retailer Training is a Required for RoundTrip Commissions
This is a reminder to complete the Travel Retailer Training and Certification Form.You must do this before you can receive commission payments for RoundTrip plans — we cannot issue retroactive payments.

The training is easy and takes approximately ten minutes to complete. When you submit this form you will receive commission payments in the NCOIL states.

If you wish to receive commissions in the non-NCOIL states (Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii), you must submit licensing for each of these states separately. They require either a resident or non-resident license and a life and health license, as well as a property and casualty license. 

This action is related to regulations from the Market Action Work Group, part of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The regulations affect how trip protection insurance can be sold or offered and disseminated and how commissions are paid.  
If you have questions, please contact the Seven Corners sales team. 
Travel Insurance Can Make a Difference 

We'd like to share a Seven Corners travel story with you. 

After seeing his partner, Felipe, become incredibly sick during their vacation to Myanmar, Daniel was terrified. The two were thousands of miles away from home, facing a life-threatening situation, alone.
Luckily, Daniel and Felipe were covered by a Seven Corners travel medical policy.  

Watch the video to find out Seven Corners turned a scary situation around and provided the help our customers needed.  


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