Tips for Travel During Pregnancy

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Jan 20, 2012

Pregnancy can be both an exciting and difficult time for women. The weight gain, morning sickness and cravings cause adjustments and can sometimes make everyday tasks troublesome. Traveling while pregnant isn't impossible, but there are some key things to keep in mind before a trip.

If the pregnancy is normal with no complications, most women are safe to travel. Many commercial airlines allow pregnant women to travel up to 36 weeks into the pregnancy. Before booking a getaway, you should meet with your doctor or midwife to discuss if they think it's safe to fly.

The second trimester is typically the best time to fly for women expecting. In the first few weeks of pregnancy, many women have morning sickness and a higher risk of a miscarriage. Although every pregnancy is different, it's important to establish what travel plans will be most convenient for your specific case.

International getaways are more work for every traveler, but can be especially complex for pregnant women. Venturing to a foreign country could cause you and the baby to be exposed to certain sicknesses that are rare in the United States. You should bring a copy of your health records with you before any international travel and ensure that you are up-to-date on immunizations.

Dehydration is more common with air travel, especially for longer trips - be sure to drink a lot of water during the flight. With this in mind, pregnant women likely have to make bathroom trips more frequently. You may want to reserve an aisle seat to have easy access to the restroom.

Before you book a flight, remember that each airline has different policies for pregnant women on board. Use the airline's website as a reference, or call a travel agent before finalizing your plans.

Comfort is key during pregnancy, and sometimes plane seating has limited options - the flight could be crowded with very little space for stretching. Airlines often offer information about the legroom of certain areas of the plane, which may be helpful when reserving a seat.

For all travelers, the best travel insurance is a great investment to make before taking a trip, but for pregnant women, it's imperative. Keep you and your baby safe and worry-free with travel insurance.

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