Coverage that Matters: Why Visitors Insurance is Essential for Your Guests

  • Angela Borden
Jul 23, 2015

Your family and friends are coming to visit you here in the United States. That means great times and a chance to make memories you’ll never forget. When you plan their visit and all the fun things you’ll see and do, don’t forget to plan for the unexpected as well.
Unfortunately, illnesses and injuries don’t discriminate and can happen when you least expect them.

Don't Get Hit with Surprises

In addition, medical care is expensive in the United States, and you don’t want surprise bills to create a financial hardship for you or your loved ones. If your family members or friends do become sick or hurt, you’ll want to make sure they receive the best care available. Coverage with a visitors insurance plan is an inexpensive way to provide a broad spectrum of protection that covers travelers from the moment they depart their home country until they return home again.

Considering Your Options

When shopping for visitors coverage, pay close attention to the types of benefits that are offered. Here are a few critical items your program should provide:

  • Inpatient expenses
  • Outpatient expenses
  • Physical therapy
  • Dental benefits

You don’t know what type of medical incident will arise, so you need options for a wide assortment of benefits.

It’s also important to verify where and how medical care is provided. Plans that include a widespread and reputable network of medical facilities and physicians are the best options. If an illness or injury occurs, you want to have good choices for care. Let’s face it — the insurance won’t be helpful if you can’t locate appropriate care nearby. You don’t want to drive 100 miles to find a doctor.      

One more consideration is the start date for the coverage plan. It’s best to begin coverage on the first day of the trip. That way, your loved ones are covered from the moment they leave their home country. There are no worries about gaps in protection.

How to Protect Your Upcoming Trip

Seven Corners has visitors insurance options for you. Make sure your loved ones have the medical protection they need when they visit you in the U.S. Click below to learn more about Seven Corners' visitors protection plans.

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