Family-Friendly Airlines Make Traveling with Children Easy

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Oct 19, 2015

As exciting as embarking on a new adventure is, the prospect of traveling with small children is enough to fill some vacationers with apprehension.

Keeping young ones calm and entertained for the duration of long flights and layovers is a formidable task, but with the help of certain airlines, travelers of any age can have a calm flying experience.

Here are a few air carriers that go above and beyond to offer perks to young passengers:


JetBlue teamed up with PBS Kids to develop a unique reading activity kit for young fliers, which can entertain children during flights. The airline also boasts solid entertainment offerings for people of all ages, and even the youngest travelers will enjoy the cartoons and games provided by JetBlue.

JetBlue makes flying with kids easier.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is well-known for its exemplary customer service, and that tradition extends to pint-sized passengers. Children can receive backpacks from the airline that are filled with books, candy and some branded gifts, and if that's not enough to keep kids occupied, the in-flight entertainment systems come complete with animated movies and other age-appropriate programming. Custom seats and complimentary sky cots or bassinets are also available to help little ones stay comfortable in the air.

Group Travel

Groups heading overseas on their next vacation may want to consider flying British Airways or Emirates, as both of these airlines provide top services to families with young travelers. British Airways has a "Feed Kids First" policy to avoid hungry or impatient fliers, while Emirates supplies strollers, play areas and toys in the air as well as at its airport lounges.

Protect your trip

Even these added incentives aren't enough to guarantee all travel plans will go off without a hitch. Families traveling with young children should make arrangements to protect themselves against any last-minute hiccups that may throw off their plans, and one of the best ways to do that is by purchasing a trip cancellation package. With the support of an insurance plan, you'll have one less thing to worry about as you maneuver your way around large airports with a gaggle of kids.

Do you have another airline you prefer?

Traveling with kids is tough. Tell us about an experience you've had where an airline made traveling easier! Use the comment section below ↓

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