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5 Honeymoon Ideas that Break the Mold

Luke Armstrong | Feb 28, 2019


While not married myself, I’ve seen from friends and family that the planning and execution of one involves a village of people and a military-like level of coordination! On top of that, you're also planning a honeymoon.

Thankfully our culture’s marriage tradition has the light of a vacation at the end of the tunnel.

So, you’re thinking about planning your honeymoon? You will only have one first honeymoon. With the whole world to choose from, the options are as limitless as you and your beloved’s ability to dream. You could just go to some resort somewhere and I’m sure it’d be great.

Doing so might cause great pain to Director Jennifer Lee, who said, “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” In other words, you could do what everyone else is doing for their honeymoon or you could start your forever existence with the one you love with a breathtaking overture into the untrodden world.

Here are five honeymoon ideas that break the mold. These are sure to make your road of togetherness start off with a rose-lined adventure.

1. Travel back in time and honeymoon in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Because let’s face it — when you hang that honeymoon photo on your wall for the rest of your lives, don’t you want to be on a camel? Don’t you want the sunset-lit sands of the Sahara to backlight your smile amid an ancient aura wafting in the Moroccan air?

Morocco is another world. Its romantically curvy cobblestone alleys, magnificent mosques’ daily call to prayer, nomads leading livestock through the streets — it makes you remember just how far from home you really are.

You may never learn to spell Chefchaouen, but you will likely learn to love it. This mountain refuge city in northwest of Morocco with has sky-blue painted buildings and winding cobblestone paths leading to adorable tea shops and picturesque gardens. It’s the perfect place to wander hand in hand with the one you love.

Chefchaouen is well situated between Tangier and Tètouan, other worthwhile stop-off points in this trip-friendly country.

One of my favorite Rumi poems goes, “Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”

Let your honeymoon myth unfold in Morocco, raise a glass of mint tea and bring home a family heirloom Persian rug!

2. Immerse yourselves in sun and white sands in San Jose Pacifico, Mexico

Are you thinking log cabin in the woods where you two can warm yourself by the fire you made? Thinking you want to hike by day and maybe try a Toltec Temazcal (Aztec sauna) and get your ancient ceremony on? Do you like the idea of a quaint refuge in the cloud forests of Southern Mexico where the traditions still stand as strong as the fur trees? Do you own more than three flannel shirts?

If you said yes to more than two of those questions, San Jose del Pacifico might be the honeymoon place for you two. After your wedding, board a plane for Mexico and head to San Jose del Pacifico. An easy shuttle ride from Puerto Escondido International Airport, San Jose del Pacifico is quaint and unspoiled. There are lots of lovely cabins run by families, but to get a reservation check out Puesta del Sol’s website.

3. Hobbitenango: Have your honeymoon in a fairytale Hobbit village ecolodge tucked away at the top of the Panchoy Valley in Guatemala!

Hobbitenango is a dream town, built by two families that seek to create and live in harmony with nature. Located on the top of a mountain just outside of Antigua, Guatemala, it’s well-situated for the best views of the Panchoy Valley and four volcanoes (two active!)
Hobbitenango has been built with the local community using timeless and innovative ecological techniques. The buildings use plastic bottles and other local materials.

If you stay and book a Hobbit House, after closing time for the restaurant at 7p.m., you’ll find you have the whole place to yourselves and can sink into the peace of a deep woods silence filled with the fiddles of insect symphonies.

4.Bask on the honeymoon beaches in The Sanctuary on Koh Phangan, Thailand

On the tropical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, there is a special strip of coastline where a warm expat community has set up an outpost which melds a classic version of postcard paradise with yoga, meditation, alternative healing, and community.  

The Sanctuary Resort started as an outpost of dreamers on cushions on a wood floor and has evolved into what one finds today — a circulatory center for the island that feeds commerce to a few dozen conscious establishments across three beaches.

It’s a place to book a renewing spa day, have a nourishing meal on the beach, and swim in gemstone waters beneath the sun.

5. Rent a camper van and honeymoon across magical Iceland

Iceland’s lovely landscapes, its playful people, and the ubiquitous appreciation for the arts make travel to Iceland a paradise for anyone.

And there’s no better way to explore this magical land than in a camper van.

Check out the quirky company Kuku Campers for information about booking such a trip and the seasons you will face. Your beloved might not be so thrilled if you throw her/him into an ice-storm and call it a honeymoon ...

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