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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (for Flight Deals)

Kelsey Tharp | Dec 21, 2020

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Are you thinking about booking vacations for the holidays already? If so, good job! If not, it’s probably time to get on that.

Between now and Thanksgiving, flight prices are expected to change more than 100 times. And, if you’re flying to a popular destination, you can expect to see 250+ changes.

Navigate the holiday booking rush like a total pro with these tips:

Book as a soon as possible (now would be a good time)  

While some believe they can hold out, hoping to score a last-minute bargain, playing the waiting game puts you at a higher risk of paying an even steeper price, or worse, not finding an available flight and being stranded at home. There is a chance that you’ll find an excellent deal, but nothing is guaranteed.

Travel fares will continue to rise as the holidays inch closer. According to Kayak, after mid-October, airfares increase up to 17 percent for Thanksgiving, 51 percent for Christmas, and 25 percent for New Year’s Eve. The early bird gets the deal.

Kayak has an extremely useful tool that helps find the perfect time to score a great deal on tickets. The sweet spot seems to be about eight weeks out from your flight date.

So, get moving on those travel plans! You can put all of your savings into buying more presents for your loved ones (or yourself.)  

Be flexible

With more than 31 million people expected to book flights, airlines jack up the prices. The most expensive travel days typically are the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving. Christmas flights are the priciest the weekend before Christmas Eve.

If you’re really looking for a holiday flight deal, try leaving the day of the holiday. Catch an early-morning flight and you’ll be set to arrive just in time for the main event. You may even get out of pre-event prepping!
For those with a more open schedule/time off to burn, flights that depart a week before the holiday and return the week after will be the most cost-effective.

Consider regional airports

During the holiday season, the major hub airports, like LAX and JFK, are handling the majority of travels. To save money and escape the crowds, look for flights from smaller, regional airports. These might not be as close to your travel destination, but they could help save you major money. The compromise is driving a rental car to your holiday destination. You could always rent something fancy and pretend it’s your car though. It’s the little things.

Get ticket price alerts

If you’re late to the party with buying tickets (we see you), don’t be too upset. With all of the price fluctuations, it just takes a little bit of monitoring to score an awesome deal.

There a ton of free resources to track flights, but if you’re too busy or lazy to look, we’ve picked out a few of our favorites:
1.    Skyscanner
2.    Hopper 
3.    Airfarewatchdog

Now get out there and track down those low airfares!

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