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Book a Cruise During Wave Season!

Angela Borden | Dec 21, 2020

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This blog post was updated January 31, 2020.


We’re in the middle of wave season — a great time for you to book your next cruise!

What is wave season? It’s the three-month period from January through March when cruise companies offer a wide variety of incentives on cruises. Some cruise companies start their season a bit earlier in December.

A Variety of Deals

Either way, there’s no better time to focus on fun in the sun than the middle of winter. During wave season, you’ll typically see a wide range of deals:
  • Decreased deposits
  • Onboard credit
  • Discounted fares
  • Shore excursion price reductions
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Upgrades of all kinds

Insiders say your best bet to find the very cheapest pricing is still from last minute deals, and you can find these all year long. You’ll need to check with the cruise lines frequently, and you’ll also need a flexible calendar that allows you to make and change travel plans quickly.

Decreased Deposits 

Who doesn’t love paying less for anything, especially a deposit that you’re typically paying pretty far ahead of time. And, if you have to cancel your trip, you’re out less money (unless you were smart enough to buy travel insurance — more on that later).  

Onboard Credit 

Now, this sounds like a fun way to liven up your trip. An onboard credit is similar to a bonus you receive for booking a trip within a certain time frame or for booking a specific type of cabin. You’ll need to read the fine print, because the offerings for this vary a great deal. You could receive a credit for free food at specialty restaurants, souvenirs, drinks (including alcoholic ones), massages, and much more.

Other Incentives 

The other offerings are self-explanatory. Read carefully, dive in now and plan a fun vacation for later this year! 

Protect Your Investment with Travel Insurance

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the importance of protecting the cost of your vacation with travel insurance. Lots of things can happen between the time you book your trip and the day you leave for your cruise. Can you afford to lose the money you spent on your trip? If your answer is no, consider paying approximately 4% to 8% of the cost of your trip to buy a plan that protects your trip cost, your medical expenses (what if you get sick on your trip and your health insurance at home won’t cover it?), and your baggage.

UStiA’s research indicates that vacations are a large expense for many consumers, often ranking in cost behind only a home and vehicle purchase! Additionally, many people don’t consider the financial impact of cancelling or interrupting their trip. Before you buy any plan, make sure you understand how it works. Talk with the insurance company or your insurance agent so you choose the best plan for your needs.    

Seven Corners’ Travel Insurance Plans for Cruising 

We offer three different trip insurance plans. Visit our RoundTrip  product page to learn more!   

What about the Cruise Insurance offered by Cruise Lines? 

Most cruise lines will offer travel insurance to you when you are buying your cruise online. We strongly encourage you to evaluate the cruise insurance with plans from other companies. You will typically see increased coverage options and coverage for additional things like pre-existing medical conditions from insurance companies. Compare the benefits to ensure you are getting the coverage you need. 

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angela borden

Angela Borden has been a member of the Seven Corners team since 2007. She originally joined as an underwriter, later transitioning to marketing to explore her passion for making all things insurance less confusing and more fun. (Is that possible?) When she's not working, Angela loves traveling and spending time with her family, including her two adorable dogs.

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