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Who Needs RoundTrip International and Why

Angela Borden | Jul 27, 2020

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RoundTrip International is a trip cancellation and protection plan designed for travelers who reside outside of the United States.

It also contains expanded benefits not always seen on typical trip protection products! 

Need help deciding if this plan is the one for you? The five key questions outlined below will help you make up your mind.

  • Do you reside outside the United States? If you wish to be covered by this plan, you absolutely must live outside of the United States. That being said, if you live in the USA, you can buy this plan for a relative or family member who resides outside of the United States. For example, if your mom lives in France and is traveling here to visit you for two weeks, you could purchase RoundTrip International for her.
  • Are you traveling outside of your home country? You must venture outside the country where you have your true, fixed and permanent home and principal establishment in order to buy RoundTrip International.
  • How long are you traveling? Your trip length can range from 1 to 30 days long. If you are one of those lucky people who is traveling for much longer than I ever have, you will have to find a different plan.    
  • Can you afford to lose the money you spent if you must cancel your trip? You’re the only one who knows the answer to this question. To help you understand the benefits for your trip investment, let’s delve into them and explain how and why they help your wallet.  

How does RoundTrip International protect my trip expenses? We reimburse you for nonrefundable prepaid trip payments you made, if you cancel or interrupt your trip due to an unforeseen event listed in the plan document. The list of unforeseen events is long and includes, as you might expect, common reasons that cause travelers to cancel or interrupt a trip. Examples include sickness, injury, adverse weather, natural disasters, strike, job termination or layoff, terrorist attack, and many more.

What does this really mean? It means that if you wake up with the flu the day before you are scheduled to depart on your trip and your doctor says you cannot travel, we will pay you for trip payments you previously made that will not be reimbursed by your travel suppliers (airline, hotel, etc.)

What are nonrefundable payments? If your airline, hotel, or other carriers reimburse you for 100% of your deposits and prior payments, then you don’t need our plan. We step in to reimburse you for the money they will not refund you, so that you get your trip investment back. RoundTrip International cannot pay you more than the nonrefundable amount, because you do not have a loss for the amounts  your travel supplier pays you.

RoundTrip International also covers trip delay and missed connection, which can impact your wallet in several ways. What if your trip is delayed for an entire day, and the hotel at your destination does not offer any refunds? What if you are hanging out at the airport for hours waiting to get on another flight? You will probably get hungry! RoundTrip International reimburses you for additional transportation, meals, accommodations, telephone calls, and non-refundable, unused prepaid expenses if you’re delayed for 12 hours or more due to a hazard listed in your plan document. Or what if your plane is running behind schedule and the delay causes you to miss your cruise connection? The missed connection benefit reimburses you for additional transportation expenses needed to join your departed trip.    

  • Will you need medical coverage when you are traveling?
    Your primary health insurance at home may not follow you when travel abroad. That’s when Roundtrip International steps in to cover you for emergency accident and sickness medical expenses while you are traveling. It also covers emergency medical evacuation and repatriation. That means that if appropriate medical care is not available in your location, we will arrange and transport you to the closest appropriate medical facilities.

Wait, there’s more … In addition to the above, RoundTrip International also provides coverage for:

  • your personal belongings and baggage, including baggage delay and delivery (your carrier may charge a delivery fee) as well as protection for loss, theft, or damage to your personal effects
  • sports equipment rental coverage if your sports equipment is damaged, stolen, lost or delayed for 12 hours or more
  • personal liability

24/7 Travel Assistance Services
Our multilingual team of travel experts is available to help you with your emergency and non-emergency travel needs. Confused while traveling or need help? Give us a call. We’re only a phone call away!

Visit our Roundtrip International page to learn more! 

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