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Planning the Perfect Girls’ Trip for Spring Break

Grace Lower | Mar 29, 2019


A girls’ trip can be an adventure of a lifetime. No significant others, no homework, no compulsive email-checking: just you, your favorite people, and the open road. 

Spring break is just around the corner, and with it comes a terrific excuse to reconnect with the ladies in your life. But before you blow up the group chat with travel ideas, take a minute to prepare. A memorable girls’ getaway can come in many different forms, but there are a few key steps required for any successful trip.

Step 1: Get your squad together

A girls’ trip is the perfect way to strengthen an existing connection among your female friends. The question is: who should you invite? Think about friends of yours who have shared interests and a great group dynamic. You could get in touch with your college roommates, friends from your hometown, your neighbors, or the girls from your book club: what matters most is that they’re open to new experiences.

While travel can bring out the best in people, unexpected snags can bring out the worst. To ensure the easiest group dynamic, choose travel companions who have a shared history. Traveling with a solid group of friends will ensure that you never run out of things to talk about, while also keeping spirits high. 

Step 2: Get real about the costs

The next step in your travel plan is tough-but-necessary: talking to your friends about money. It’s important to knowing up-front what everyone can afford to spend on the trip. A simple conversation will ensure that no one feels uncomfortable, or worse, pressured to blow their budget on what should be a fun experience. 

Be frank with your friends about how much you’re willing to spend on travel, and encourage them to do the same. For some in your circle, dropping a few thousand dollars on a European getaway is a no-brainer, while others might not be able to commit to more than a weekend at the beach. If possible, prioritize options that allow the greatest number of friends to participate. 

Step 3: Get inspired

With a budget in mind and timing established, you’re ready to move on to the fun part of your trip: finding the perfect destination! Together with your friends, come up with a list of non-negotiables. Should your destination be local or international? Urban or remote? Leisurely or adventurous?

Once you have a loose idea of what your trip should look like, it’s time to do your research. Start with a few of the tried-and-true favorites like TripAdvisor, Travel + Leisure, or Fodor’s Travel. When you’ve narrowed down your destinations, refer to travel blogs and forums for insider details. 

You’ll also want to use this time to look at accommodations. What options are available for a group of your size, and how do they factor into your group’s budget? Whether you’re staying in an Airbnb, a luxury hotel, or a trendy hostel, look for rooms with a sizeable common area. Trust me: after a long day of travel, there’s nothing better than relaxing on a set of comfy couches and swapping stories.

Of course, all this research doesn’t have to be boring. If your ladies are local, invite them over for an evening of festive drinks, snacks, and Google searches. And should your energy lag after a few hours of research, you could end the night by streaming a movie that fits with your vacation theme!

Step 4: Get Organized

Taking your girls’ trip from idea to reality requires plenty of effort. As a group, you’ll want to discuss different activities, transportation options, and the logistics of navigating an unfamiliar destination. You should also consider options like travel medical insurance or trip protection insurance to provide additional support if something goes wrong.

If planning seems daunting, divvy up the work by giving everyone a job. It could be that one of your friends is great at finding flights, while another can be counted on to make reservations for the group. By breaking up the planning, the whole group has a chance to take ownership over the trip’s success — and no single person has to shoulder all the responsibility. 

They say that communication is the key to every relationship, and that holds true among friends. Don’t forget to check in with the group as you plan. Use collaboration tools like Google Drive, to-do platforms like Trello, or just an old-fashioned group email to keep everyone up to speed. Anticipation is half the fun, and you’ll be able to share in the excitement as your spring break trip gets finalized.

Step 5: Get going!

You and your friends have put in the work: now it’s time to enjoy your springtime adventure! Don’t forget to leave without a few confidence-boosting outfits, an amazing playlist, and plenty of snacks. Once you’ve made it to your destination, make sure that you take time to appreciate the women you’re with. The world is worth exploring, and an inspiring group of female friends can make the journey all the better.  

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Grace Lower

Grace Lower has a love for all things writing and travel. When she's not exploring new places, Grace enjoys teaching English as a Second Language, making terrible puns, and running incredibly long distances at incredibly slow speeds.

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