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Darryl and Nancy's Travel Assistance Story

Travel Team | Sep 23, 2021

For their trip to China, Darryl and Nancy bought trip insurance as part of a travel protection plan from Seven Corners. This is their story. 

Darryl: We were on our first day of the 10-day trip, and we started hitting the sights in Beijing. They took us to a place called the Temple of Heaven. We had just gotten in and were moving from the Hindu section to the Buddhist section, so I was in a crowd. The team leader was way ahead of us digging her little flag. I'm digging around for my passport, and the crowd pushed me through this doorway. I didn't see this threshold in front of me. It was about a foot high and made of cement. The crowd pushed and all of a sudden I went forward. When I hit the ground, my foot went this way, and my leg was all twisted, and the people kept going.

 The tour guide called an ambulance to take Darryl to the hospital.

Darryl: As we were wheeled into the hospital, the gentleman who came out first asked us how we planned to pay. At that point we said, "Well, we have travel insurance." Once they learned who it was that we were insured by and there was somebody to work with, it all just flowed from there. It wasn't a broken femur; it was a shattered femur. There were way too many pieces floating around in there to fly me home.

 Darryl's hip fracture was severe, and he needed surgery. 

Darryl: I thought I was going to die. I really did. I called my daughter, and my daughter said, "Dad I've talked to the people at Seven Corners. They're smart,  they do this every day, and they're going to get you home."

After six and a half hours of surgery, Darryl had to recover for two weeks before he could fly home.

Darryl: It was a tough time. But all that time that was going on, it was comforting to know that people back here were putting the plan in motion to get me home. After about two weeks, they certified me to get home and to travel. Seven Corners really did almost everything. It was very difficult given the time differences and language differences for us to make a lot of those plans, so they arranged, they talked directly to doctors, they talked directly to Nancy.

Seven Corners arranged a nurse escort ho flew home with Nancy and Darryl and monitored his health during the flight.

 Nancy:  Seven Corners did a wonderful job. They just took a tremendous load off of me because I didn't have to figure out all these things. We will never again travel without travel insurance anywhere outside of the US.

 Darryl: For such a small amount of investment, you cover what could be a huge loss. After this experience, I wouldn't think of traveling without travel insurance.

Darryl has recovered from his surgery, and he and Nancy have already begun traveling again. 

The Right Way to Travel. 


Darryl and Nancy's travel protection plan contained travel insurance benefits underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, as well as noninsurance assistance services provided by Seven Corners.



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