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Consider a Cruise for Valentine’s Day

Grace Lower | Feb 23, 2021

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This blog post was updated February 4, 2021.


As far as holidays go, Valentine’s Day gets a pretty bad rap. But if you can look past the saccharine jewelry commercials and over-sized teddy bears, Valentine’s Day can be a much-needed bright spot in the otherwise bleak month of February.

Rather than dinner, candy, or flowers, why not charm your partner with a celebration at sea? Whether you’re a travel novice or a seasoned globetrotter, a cruise makes for the perfect romantic excursion. In addition to being easy to plan, cruises are a downright dreamy way to escape  wintry weather and enjoy quality time with your other half. With countless options onboard and at shore, cruises offer something for every kind of couple.

Daring destinations

One of the best ways to strengthen a relationship is through memorable shared experiences. Cruises offer endless options for stepping outside of your comfort zone — whatever that means for you and your partner. Most cruises visit several ports where you can try unusual local cuisine (roast conch anyone?) and engage with each stop’s unique culture. Not much of a beach bum? No problem! Beyond the classic Caribbean cruises, European, Alaskan, and Mediterranean cruises all offer spectacular sight-seeing and unforgettable excursions.

If you want to get your heart racing this Valentine’s Day, a cruise has everything you need. Adrenaline junkies can find a wide range of exciting options onshore. Depending on your port, you can try parasailing, swimming with stingrays, bungee jumping, or even zip lining! Of course, you’ll always want to practice caution whenever you’re doing something daring abroad. A comprehensive travel medical insurance plan is highly recommended to ensure that you and your significant other are covered. You never know when your shared adventure might hit a few snags, so it pays to be prepared. When planned carefully — with a focus on safety — a cruise can help take your relationship to new heights.

Luxury accommodations

After a long day at sea and shore, what could be better than kicking back in an inviting private suite? Cruise cabins are notorious for their cramped quarters, but you may be surprised by just how luxurious they can get. Many cruise lines offer specialty accommodations for couples, in particular. Depending on your cruise line, you can indulge in experiential extras for your room, including champagne service, fresh flowers, balcony breakfasts, and even professional massages.

Your cabin can be transformed into a romantic getaway: perfect for recuperating after a full day in the sun. While there’s no place like home, a private palace at sea has its perks, too.

Fine dining

There’s nothing more magical than sampling amazing food with great company. If you and your significant other are adventurous eaters, you’re bound to fall in love with “cruise food.” Many cruise ships offer delicacies from around the world, prepared by talented international chefs. Sample a little bit of everything at an evening buffet, or satisfy your cravings at a specialty restaurant onboard. Many cruises offer an upscale dining room experience, as well, where you and your partner can dress to the nines and enjoy a multicourse meal in elegant ambiance. If the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, then a Valentine’s cruise will have you covered!

Unique gifts

Ever have trouble picking out the perfect gift for your significant other? With a cruise, you can save yourself the guesswork and use shopping trips to your advantage. Whether you’re hitting up local shops during a port-city excursion, or perusing the ship’s selection of duty free stores, you and your partner can pick out incredible keepsakes to commemorate the trip. A word of caution, though: try to get your shopping done first-thing during the day. If you rush to the stores after an afternoon at the poolside bar, or an hour before you need to leave a port, you’ll probably end up springing for a gift that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Hours of entertainment

A cruise is the perfect option for couples who value experiences over things. On many of today’s cruises, you can find Broadway-quality performances and Vegas-level nightlife, all without ever stepping foot on shore. Some larger ships even offer novelties like onboard ice skating rinks, skydiving simulators, bumper cars, and all-night casinos. With a Valentine’s cruise, you and your loved one can pack the fun of dozens of dates into a few days onboard.

The option to unwind

While all of the amenities, attractions, and events are captivating in their own right, sometimes you’ve just got to kick back and relax. You and your loved one can spend your romantic getaway snoozing by the poolside, basking on a lazy river, or simply watching the waves roll by. The magic of Valentine’s Day is dedicating time to reconnect with your partner and show them that you care. If cashing in on some well-deserved rest is your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day, a cruise is the choice for you.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that thrives on grand gestures, and what could be more romantic than celebrating at sea? Cruises are an amazing way to see new parts of the world without sacrificing comfort or convenience. A Valentine’s Day cruise can make every day an adventurous date. With the ocean as your backdrop, you and your partner can explore, connect, and relax to your heart’s desire.


    Guest contributor: Grace Lower

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Grace Lower has a love for all things writing and travel. When she's not exploring new places, Grace enjoys teaching English as a Second Language, making terrible puns, and running incredibly long distances at incredibly slow speeds.

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