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The Adventure Team Road Trips to Florida: Clay's Family Vacation

Clay Coomer | Adventure Team | Feb 23, 2021

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Adventure Team goes to Destin.
28 hours in a car with 3 kids, 3 and under can change a person. It was rough, there's no doubt about it, but hearing the laughter of my girls while waves rolled in hitting their little feet made it all worth it...

Clay's Story:

I took a solo adventure out to San Diego earlier this year to golf the legendary Torrey Pines South Course, where eight years ago Tiger Woods was winning his 14th major championship. It was incredible - as I noted in this blog post following my trip.

Fast forward two months later to a completely different type of adventure, one which will forever be planted in my memory as our first family vacation with all five of us.

My preface to this story says it all: 28 hours in a car is not for the faint of heart. We embarked on our journey to Destin, Florida, an extremely popular vacation spot on the panhandle located between Pensacola and Panama City Beach, at 9am on Saturday in a 2000 Chevrolet Explorer Van. This thing is massive, and very difficult to drive, I might add. The van belongs to my parents and has been driven down to Florida on multiple family vacations.

We finally arrived in Destin after 14 long hours at 11pm Central time. We were beat, but the kids were somehow wide awake. 

We were fortunate to have a free place to stay while in Destin. My parents bought an ocean front condo earlier this year and graciously let us stay there for the week.

Right outside our door was the pool, which was probably the place we spent the most time because Charlie (3), Ivy (19 months), and Remy (7 months) were not huge fans of the beach. They acclimated quickly to the sand, but they would not get close to the water! It wasn't until Thursday, our last full day of vacation, Ivy and Remy sat next to each other on the shore and laughed together as the waves came in. It was too cute for words.

Beyond spending time on the beach and at the pool, we also journeyed out and visited Seaside, a popular area just east of Destin with a lot of cool restaurants and activities for kids, and the Gulfiarium, where we saw a dolphin show.

We ventured over to a nearby boardwalk for dinner one night where my two older kids walked along the waterway and took a ride in a train. On the last night of our trip, we drove a few miles west to a very scenic area with sand dunes and a picturesque sunset in the background. Charlie wanted to be Superman, so naturally I created a cape using the Adventure Team flag.

Adventure Team goes to Destin..
My youngest, Remy, also modeled for us while sitting on the beautiful white sand beaches:

Adventure Team goes to Destin.

And of course my 19 month-old daughter, Ivy. She wouldn't model for us with the Adventure Team flag, I guess she wasn't feeling adventurous, but she did let us capture this moment on the beach:

Adventure Team goes to Destin.

And lastly, my favorite picture ever, which beautifully captures my entire life and the purpose of my existence...

Adventure Team goes to Destin.

So many memories made on this trip and I can't fit in this one blog post. It was busy and chaotic but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

I will add, however, that my wife and I are planning our next adventure. No kids though... I think you can understand why :)

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