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The Scoop on Pre-existing Conditions

Julia Peterson | Nov 30, 2018

In both trip insurance plans and travel medical insurance plans, you'll see the term "pre-existing condition." And most of the time, this is listed as an exclusion. This term can be both intimidating and confusing.

What constitutes a pre-existing condition? Are any conditions like this covered? 

What is a Pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is an illness, symptom, or diagnosis you had before you purchased the insurance plan. You may have diabetes or asthma. Or, your knee may have started really hurting a few days before your trip. These pre-existing conditions may be controlled with maintenance medications, or they may be currently under treatment. Or, you may  have never received medical treatment. In simple terms, the issue started before your plan did, and that makes it pre-existing. 

Lookback Period

All plans have a lookback period for pre-existing conditions. For example, if the plan has a 365-day lookback, it means that if you've had the symptoms, or if you've been treated or diagnosed in the last year before your policy started, or if the condition existed (even if you did not know about it) it will not be covered. But, if you were treated three years ago for the issue, and never again since, it may be covered because it does not fall within that lookback period. 

Acute Onset for Liaison® Travel Plans

Travel medical plans often have coverage for an acute onset of pre-existing conditions. An acute onset can be described as a sudden flare-up, like an asthma attack. These are things you wouldn't see coming and require immediate emergency care (within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms). Some plans provide this coverage only if the acute onset occurs after a specified waiting period (An example of a waiting period is 72 hours.). The coverage is typically provided up to a stated amount, because the acute onset requires emergency care and could not be foreseen.  

Waiver of Pre-existing Conditions for RoundTrip® Plans

Additionally, some trip insurance plans offer a "waiver of pre-existing conditions" that can apply to your coverage. It is referred to as a waiver because it comes into play by waiving the exclusion for pre-existing conditions. The exclusion can be waived if you meet the requirements stated in the plan document. 

Our RoundTrip choice plan provides coverage for pre-existing conditions if you:

  • Buy the plan within 20 days of the date your initial trip payment or deposit is received; and
  • You or your traveling companion are medically able and not disabled from travel when you pay for the plan or upgrade your plan; and
  • Update your coverage to include the additional cost of subsequent travel arrangements within 15 days of paying your travel supplier for them.

If in doubt, contact Seven Corners Customer Service. We can explain how coverage for pre-existing conditions works for your plan. Our Sales team can also let you know what plans are available to fit your needs. 

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