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Why Travel Insurance is Important to Me, or the Snake Attack Story

Sven | Mar 1, 2021

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This blog post was updated March 1, 2021.


There are certain experiences in life that remain etched in your memory: graduating from college, tasting the crumbly delicacy that is orange coffee cake, or the time you and your mate built the perfect nest (That may be unique to me.).

Regardless of the type of event, everyone’s lives are dotted with these moments — large and small. One of mine is being bitten by a black mamba in Gorongosa National Park and almost dying.

We’ll get back to that.

I’m absolutely devoted to travel and throughout my life, I’ve been lucky enough to see most of the world. Through all my adventures, I’ve developed some expertise on things that are most important for anyone taking a vacation: traveling with the right group of people, planning ahead, and purchasing travel insurance. The first two were learned rather quickly, but the last one was a lesson I didn’t understand until I truly needed it.

After years of traveling to touristy destinations, like Dublin and Machu Picchu, I wanted to try something different. I was a seasoned traveler, and I needed a challenge! Some research led me to an interesting option — an African safari. I was on a quest to see elephants, black and white rhinos, leopards, cape buffalos, and lions, and I was certain I’d found the best way to see them all in one unforgettable trip.

The safari started in Kruger National Park in South Africa, where we saw leopards lounging in trees in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. I ate plenty of biscuits and had a marvelous time watching these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

It wasn’t until we reached Gorongosa National Park that things took a turn for the worst. We were on a guided safari hike, and I was enthralled by the elephants wandering through the park. The matriarch had just slipped her trunk into a pool of water, and I was attempting to get the perfect shot when the worst happened. I felt something wind around my leg and sink its teeth into my exposed flesh.

The pain was instant. My blood felt like it was boiling under my skin as the venom coursed up my leg. The skin around the bite turned red, and I knew I was in trouble. The park guides quickly procured a vehicle and rushed me to the nearest hospital where they pumped me with ampule after ampule of anti-venom. Luckily, I survived.

This experience was made worse by the fact that I hadn’t purchased any travel insurance for my trip. Because my health insurance from home didn’t follow me to Mozambique, I had to pay thousands of dollars for the entire hospital stay. I also had to pay for a new return ticket home since I was still up in the the hospital during the time for my flight home.

After this horrible experience, I always make sure to purchase travel insurance for my trips. The world is filled with adventure, and I don’t want anything to hold me back from experiencing it!

This is only one of my many travel mishaps from a trip. Stay tuned over the next few months for more!


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