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6 Ways to Bring the Holidays on the Road

Dec 1, 2018

Looking for a way to bring that home-for-the-holidays feeling with you this season? If you cherish the spirit of the holidays but will traveling this winter, it’s still possible to keep your favorite traditions alive (or make some new ones!)

Check out these tips for the best ways to bring the festive feel with you, no matter where you are.  

Pack some holiday cheer.

A few string lights or a mini-tree from a local store can go a long way if you’re spending a considerable amount of time in a hotel or house-rental. If you’re traveling by plane, small items such as stockings or candy could bring some holiday cheer to an otherwise inconvenient plane ride. Who wouldn’t be happy to receive a candy cane from a fellow traveler as you try to shove your bag into the overhead bin? Before you bring anything though, make sure to check TSA guidelines.

Choose accommodations that feel like home.

Not looking forward to a hotel room? Consider skipping the traditional route and check out Airbnb or another home rental service instead. If you’re traveling with family or friends, this is a great way to have a home setting that is all yours during your stay. As we mentioned before, you can add some festivity to this temporary homestead with some lights or other small decorations.

Ship presents ahead of time.

If you don’t want to stress about packing presents or doing last-minute shopping at your destination, simply ship your presents, instead of packing them. You can purchase gift wrap when you arrive and not have to deal with wrapping paper that gets wrinkled during your journey. Make sure to check shipping times and plan ahead, as the US Postal System, FedEx, and UPS are often bogged down around the end of the year. And, of course, notify the concierge or owner where you’re staying to try and circumvent any hassles or delays!


The holiday season is the perfect time to give back. Volunteering while traveling is a great way to meet new people and learn more about the area. Consider volunteering at a local soup kitchen or shelter for an experience you can enjoy with your travel companions. Want to donate, but won’t have time? Consider locating a charity with Charity Navigator to find causes that are local (either at home or away) but still near and dear to your heart.

Research events in your destination.

One of the best ways to ensure that you get the full experience during your travels is research  local events and festivities at your destination! You could see a holiday music concert or check out the area’s best holiday lights display. Even small towns will likely have events such as caroling or a school performance. This is the perfect opportunity to try something new!

Make new traditions.

Enjoy the gift of an experience and make new traditions for your holidays. Maybe you’ll find a new cuisine to dine on every year in the future or choose a new holiday movie tradition. The options are endless and that makes recalling the memory years later even fonder.

If travel is on your calendar this holiday season, consider purchasing a RoundTrip® insurance plan to keep your season worry-free!

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