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Pack the Seven Corners App for International Travel

Angela Borden | Oct 7, 2022

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Man sitting on couch using his iPhone to access Seven Corners app.

For 30 years, Seven Corners has been helping travelers all over the world. While we’re best known for providing travel insurance that helps protect your money, belongings, and health, we’re also constantly on the lookout for other innovative ways to help you explore the world smarter and more safely.

What is the Seven Corners App?

Seven Corners designed a mobile app for United States residents who are traveling internationally to provide additional assistance and ways to be safe when traveling. Why? Based on what you told us, one of the biggest concerns U.S. travelers have when going abroad is how they’ll get medical treatment if they become sick or hurt on their trip.

That feeling has grown, especially in recent years. In a pair of recent surveys, Seven Corners found that of those planning to travel internationally in 2022, getting stuck in another country if they tested positive for COVID was one of their biggest fears, second only to concerns about the rising cost of travel.

13% of those planning to travel internationally said their biggest concern is getting stuck in another country if they test positive for COVID-19.

Another reason for the app was that we found most of you want an easy way to connect with 24/7 travel assistance if you run into an unusual travel mishap. As you can see in some of these customer testimonials, our team has helped evacuate travelers for medical reasons, reunited family members after the traveler got sick in another country, and more.

The Seven Corners app helps in both scenarios, connecting you with medical care abroad and helping you to navigate some of the toughest challenges you might face on the road.

Where Can You Find the Seven Corners App?

The Seven Corners app is one of the best travel apps you can get for iPhone or Android. Download it for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Download the iOS App →          
Download the Android App →

How Does the Seven Corners App Work?

Let’s say you and your partner are traveling in Munich. You go to dinner, and you gorge yourself on delicious German food. After a meal of Currywurst, Bratkartoffeln, Schnitzel, and several top-notch German beers, you go for a long walk. The evening winds down, and you hop into bed ready to sleep.

Two hours later, you wake up feeling nauseous with pain on the right side of your abdomen. As the night progresses, you feel worse and worse. Did you overdo it with all that rich food, or could it be something more worrisome, like your appendix?

What can you do? You’re in a foreign country, you don’t speak the language, you don’t know how to find a doctor, and you feel terrible. Luckily, you have the Seven Corners mobile app on your phone.

Find reputable medical care

Man looking down at phone.

Your partner uses the Seven Corners app to search for a reputable medical facility nearby. There is a large emergency room five kilometers away, and you quickly head there with your partner.

It turns out you have appendicitis, which requires surgery immediately. Thank goodness you bought travel insurance! Now you know why travel medical insurance is so important.

Provide proof of insurance for medical treatment

You’re relieved to know the cause of your pain, but the emergency room wants to know how you plan to pay for your surgery. This is common when seeking medical treatment abroad. Many medical facilities expect payment or proof that you will be able to pay for your treatment before they provide care.

You tell the emergency room you have travel insurance, and they request verification of it. Unfortunately, in your rush to get to the hospital, you forgot your travel insurance ID card at the hotel. (Or maybe you forgot to pack it, and it’s still at home.) Not to worry. There’s a digital copy of your ID card in the Seven Corners app so you can share it with the hospital.

Extend your coverage

After surgery, you decide to extend your trip, and you want to make sure your travel insurance will continue covering you. Your partner wants to see more of Munich (beyond the inside of a German hospital). You’re feeling much better and have been medically cleared to travel, but having a few more days to relax while they explore sounds nice. If you’re plan is extendable, you can extend your coverage from the Seven Corners app.

Make a claim

As soon as possible, you’ll need to submit a claim to Seven Corners for your medical emergency. You can do this through your account in the app. Submitting the information for your claim through your account is the recommended method, as you’ll be able to see what documents have been provided and find updates to your claim throughout the evaluation process.

What Else Can the Seven Corners App Do?

Emergency contact info

Our 24/7 travel assistance services are designed to help in a variety of emergencies. For example, we can arrange translation services — like if you don’t speak German and can't communicate with your surgeon in Munich — or emergency medical evacuations if there aren’t facilities at your destination that can provide adequate treatment. Find the contact information for Seven Corners Assist in your app.

Assistance for less-savvy travelers

It’s always a good idea to buy travel insurance when you travel internationally, but if you have friends or family who didn't purchase from Seven Corners, they can still download and use the app to find medical providers.

Questions About the Seven Corners App?

When you’re looking for the best apps to use when you travel internationally, make sure the Seven Corners app is on your phone. Learn more about our app by contacting app@sevencorners.com with questions.

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