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Six Considerations for Family Holiday Travel

Luke Armstrong | Feb 1, 2021


There’s something uniquely special about traveling over the holidays and stepping into an exotic holiday wonderland. Merging family time with discovery and annual celebrations is worth the efforts involved. Whether you traverse with your clan to a new place or visit your people in another part of the world, these are the types of communal rewards that give us something to be grateful for.

Unless, of course, your family is like my family, then you know family time isn’t always a hallmark image of everyone sipping hot cocoa around the hearth!

In addition to the spirit of togetherness, gift-exchanging, and gratitude there is what I call “the lovely chaos” — AKA the reality of having seven brother and two sisters!

But we all continue to learn to get along and whether we spend the holidays at home or abroad, we’re glad we have each other.

If you plan to travel with your family during the holidays, here are some guidelines for smooth sailing on your trip.

1. Give People the Personal Space They Need

Some folks are fine sleeping on the floor of a borrowed laundry room. Others would find such an arrangement a compelling example of a horrible time. If you have kids, strive to find an accommodation situation that will also meet their needs.

Never have there been more online options for finding the right place for your family to stay. From the many hotel booking sites, to Airbnb, you can find the perfect place for your entire family.

2. Keep your Crew Happy by Mitigating the Stresses of Holiday Travel

The holidays played wrong can be stressful. Ditto travel. Mitigate stresses by knowing the travel hacks that keeps your itinerary running smooth.

3. Book Holiday Travel in Advance

While my time on the road has shown me it’s never too late to work something out on impromptu trips, traveling on peak calendar days becomes unnecessarily tricky if you don’t book in advance. If you’re reading this article now, maybe it’s time to move any bookings from the back burner to the front. You got this!


4. Protect Your Funds on Holiday Trips

There’s enough to coordinate over the holidays without having to watch the skies.

With all the potential for weather and other issues that can arise  over the holidays, consider protecting your nonrefundable trip expenses with trip protection insurance.

5. Keep up with Routines that Keep you Centered

The holidays are a delicious time of communal meals, a moment away from the grind, and maybe a trip somewhere new. Whatever you do, keep up with your  comforting rituals. Be it a moment in the morning, an exercise routine, or reading a book — it’s good to stay centered. Conversely, it’s okay on the holidays to give yourself permission to take a break from your routines to focus on family.


6. Steer Family Conversations away from Controversial Topics 

My large family can be split into two interchanging camps — the peacemakers and the debate team. While being on the debate team gives everyone something to talk about, these conversations can jump the tracks all too easily. Things run smoother when everyone checks their differences and disagreements in favor of focusing on what we all share and appreciate about each other.


I hope these points help make your sleigh ride smooth. Enjoy the holidays and the journey to get to wherever they take you.

About the Author

luke armstrong

Luke Maguire Armstrong is the author of "The Nomad's Nomad." He has spent the last decade traveling, writing and designing, and funding philanthropic programs around the world.

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