Seven Corners Inc. Increases Consumer Purchasing Power with Launch of New Mobile E-Commerce Website

Mar 22, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS (March 22, 2016) Seven Corners, Inc., an innovative international travel insurance and specialty benefit management company, launches its new mobile e-commerce website to provide a modern, user-friendly experience with improved navigation and efficiency throughout the site.

The company’s investment addresses consumer demand and shopping behavior trends by offering a fully-functional mobile website that intuitively guides consumers through the purchase process using a product selection guide. Within two to three clicks the site directs consumers to one of 21 international medical and travel products available for visitors, immigrants, students and leisure travelers. In addition to offering 24-hour assistance, Seven Corners’ interactive guide aims to avoid customer confusion and promote a progressive customer journey.

“Prior to launch, we tested the new website’s intuition and ease-of-use and found that people shopping online for travel insurance want the opportunity to educate themselves on their options while also being led to buy a plan that best fits their needs directly online,” said Jim Krampen, co-founder and chief revenue officer at Seven Corners. “By meeting and exceeding the needs of both our current and future agents and customers, we are creating new opportunities for improving customer experience and delivering more specialty travel and medical insurance to those seeking it.”

In the six-month testing phase alone, Seven Corners tripled its conversion rate using the product selection guide. Seven Corners’ unrivaled and advanced e-commerce website pushes it ahead of its competitors as more consumers are turning to online shopping for travel insurance. In fact, independent research company Gartner predicts that 50 percent of all online purchases will be made from mobile devices by 2017.



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