Seven Corners Featured in Spectrum Business Insights: Business Owner Roundup: #1 Thing I Wish I'd Known When Starting my Business

Feb 15, 2019

By Kelly Spors 

From the article: 

"I’ve learned many lessons over the years, but one that stands out is the importance of risk-taking. Some of our greatest successes came from taking risks that competitors hadn’t taken yet. For example, years ago, when we were still a 10-member team, we were one of the first companies to launch an online purchasing system for travel insurance. Prior to that, customers submitted paper applications with a check or credit card information. Today, that process sounds ancient, but at the time it was wildly innovative. Risks can be beneficial when approached in a productive and strategic way.
—Justin Tysdal, co-founder & CEO, Seven Corners, Inc., Carmel, Indiana"

Read the full story here here



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