EIIA is a not-for-profit Member-driven consortium committed to protecting the promise of private faith-inspired institutions of higher education thorough the delivery of innovative insurance and risk management solutions to its Members. In 2005 a need arose for a comprehensive International Travel Insurance program, so EIIA worked with International Travel Directors from several Member institutions to create a program that protects individuals traveling on behalf of the institution.

Starting August 1, 2018, EIIA is partnering with Seven Corners to provide travel assistance services and with Starr Indemnity and Liability Company to provide the coverage listed below to participants traveling on an institution sponsored trip outside of the United States or its Territories and Possessions:

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Emergency Medical/Illness
  • Evacuation – Medical, Natural Disaster, and Security (Political Unrest)
  • Lost or Stolen Baggage
  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption
  • And much more . . .

Please refer to the EIIA International Program Summary and FAQs for more information and coverage limits. No registration is required, however, it is important that participants carry a copy of the ID Card and Brochure on the trip should an emergency arise while traveling. Another option may be to take a picture of the card to capture it in the participant’s phone.

Please feel free to contact Seven Corners with any questions prior to travel to make sure you are prepared. While routine medical care is not covered, we encourage you to research and become familiar with medical facilities in the areas where you are traveling.

Local Information

Seven Corners offers a proprietary program called WellAbroad that provides local information on countries throughout the world. This is a useful site for participants, parents, and program administrators to collect relevant facts on the country (language, currency, document requirements, immunization, and more) along with medical providers and security alerts.

To subscribe to email alerts go to the US Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

Claim Process

Should an incident occur while overseas, the participant should immediately contact the local authority’s version of 911. If an ambulance is not necessary, please contact Seven Corners at 844-344-2360 (in the US) or 317-818-2097 (international collect) for additional instructions. All medical claims require that a Proof of Loss Form be provided to set up a claim.

When someone is calling in a claim, they should be prepared with:

  • Inform the person answering the call that they are with an institution that is a part of EIIA
  • Participants name
  • Name of the Institution that they are representing on the trip
  • Location
  • Phone number where the covered participant can be contacted
  • Summary of the incident

Seven Corners can assist participants with directions to medical facilities within their network to provide emergency care on a direct payment basis. If an in-network facility is not close, Seven Corners can work directly with the local doctor or facility to set up guaranteed payment terms for claims in excess of $1,000 if the provider is requiring payment up front and the participant is not able to pay out of pocket. A listing of network medical facilities can be found at wellabroad.com.

When a participant pays for covered services out of pocket, a claim should be filed with Seven Corners for reimbursement by following the steps outlined on the Seven Corners Claims site, sevencorners.com/claims. If emergency evacuation is necessary, contact Seven Corners ASAP. All evacuation travel coordination must be facilitated by Seven Corners to ensure coverage is in place.

Once your claim is received and entered into the Seven Corners’ system, participants can set up on-line access to the claims information through My Account. However, the participant will need to contact Customer Service first to obtain the certificate number to register. Once the participant is registered, they can track benefits and determine status.

For any claims regarding Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption, the participant will need to complete the Trip Cancellation Trip Interruption Form. To receive the Certification Number that is necessary to complete the form, the participant will need to call the claim in to Seven Corners.

If you have any questions about a claim or the claim process, please contact Seven Corners at (800) 344-2360.


Program Documents

Need a Confirmation of Coverage Letter?

If a Confirmation of Coverage Letter is required by the host country, please contact Dimeji Adeeko (312-568-5517 or dadeeko@eiia.org) or Monica Ward (312-568-5511 or mward@eiia.org) at EIIA.

Risk Management Resources

EIIA Risk Management Directors have collected and developed over 1,500 resources pertaining to risk in higher education. They have created videos and papers related to International Travel to assist institutions in planning, and participants in navigating, travel abroad. For access to this information, please contact the EIIA Risk Management Director assigned to your institution or visit the EIIA website at www.eiia.org.

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Additional Questions?

Contact Seven Corners (800) 344-2360 or your EIIA Risk Management Director (800) 537-8410.

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