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Travel Insurance Products

Take the Confusion Out of Travel Medical Insurance

Learn about four key terms that will help you understand travel medical insurance and how it works. It's important coverage if you are traveling abroad. Travel medical insurance provides high levels of medical coverage, including protection for emergency medical evacuation.

What is Travel Insurance?

Did you buy travel insurance only because your best friend’s mom’s cousin told you to? Or are you a savvy traveler who knows better than to leave home without a travel insurance plan? Either way, you’ll find it helpful to watch this short video about the ins and outs of travel insurance.

How Does Trip Insurance Help Me?

Trip insurance has 3 key benefits. It protects nonrefundable trip expenses if you cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip and covers medical expenses and belongings! It also comes with 24/7 travel assistance services to handle minor mishaps and big ones like emergency medical evacuations.

Does My Health Insurance Follow Me When I Travel?

Many times people pass on travel insurance because they assume their domestic health insurance will protect them abroad, but the truth is that there's a good chance it won't.

How Does Trip Insurance Define a Pre-Existing Condition?

We understand some aspects of trip insurance can be confusing. One topic many people ask about is pre-existing conditions. Learn what’s considered a pre-existing condition for Seven Corners’ RoundTrip plans.

What's the Difference Between Comprehensive and Scheduled Benefits?

When shopping for travel medical insurance, it's important to know the distinction between a scheduled benefit plan and a comprehensive plan. Watch our quick video to learn the difference between our Liaison series (provides comprehensive coverage) and our Inbound series (provides scheduled benefit coverage).

Customer Stories

Travel Assistance Story: Woody and Anne

Watch to see how Seven Corners provided travel assistance to Woody when he became sick on a long trip and needed help getting back home with his wife, pet, and motorhome.

Trip Insurance Customer Story: Felipe

On a trip through Southeast Asia, Felipe became seriously ill and had to be evacuated to receive the medical care he needed.

Trip Insurance Customer Story: Makenzie

What happens if you are traveling alone and become sick? Learn how travel insurance helped Makenzie while she was abroad.

Trip Insurance Customer Story: Darryl and Nancy

On their trip to China, Darryl and Nancy bought trip insurance as part of a travel protection plan from Seven Corners. This is their story.