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Traveling solo can be daunting. Here's some tips to keep you safe, secure and alert when it comes to traveling alone.

Read on to become a pro at traveling solo!

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip

More women than ever before are choosing to travel alone — especially American women, who solo travel the most. Most women travel with a focus on learning and self-discovery, and the industry just keeps growing. Currently, the female solo travel market is at $19 trillion, with $200 million a year alone being spent in the “girlfriend getaway” market.

If something’s been holding you back from booking that adventure of a lifetime, consider a few encouraging statistics.

  • In 2017, 84% of solo travelers were women. The average age? 47.
  • 73% say traveling has made them stronger.
  • 86% travel regardless of world events.
  • Facebook’s Solo Travel Society page has over 260,000 followers, most of them women.

But, even in this boom time for solo travel for women, it’s wise to consider a few tips to maintain your safety and sanity.

  • Lists for before you leave, lists for packing, travel time and activities. Staying organized is key when traveling, especially when you're solo and in charge of all of the details.
  • Before you travel, do research on the destination. What neighborhood are you staying in? Are there any cultural or modesty cues women are expected to follow? Resources like the U.S. State Department’s guide for women travelers help ensure you don’t hit any uncomfortable snags.
  • Even when traveling solo, there are several opportunities to build a sense of community — and safety — into your trip. Join a solo female travel group! Sign up for group meals or schedule activities and tours with fellow solo female travelers.
  • For any traveler, safety is a priority, so be alert and keep your senses sharp. If possible, arrive at your destination city in daylight. Be respectful but firm when approached in the street, and don’t tell strangers where you’re staying. Stay open to the magic of the unexpected in travel but remember to stay cautious.
Solo Travel for Women Is On the Rise

In recent years, more women tend to travel alone than their male counterparts.

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women made travel decisions in 2018.




"female travel" market in 2018.




of cultural, adventure, and nature travelers are women.




annual spend in the "girlfriend getaway" market.

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