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How Can Travel Medical Insurance Help Me?

A travel medical plan covers medical expenses for an injury or illness that occurs on your trip.

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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Visitor Insurance

Be prepared when friends and family visit the United States.

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How Does Trip Insurance Help Me

The insurance benefits give you three main types of coverages.

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For more than 25 years, our insurance plans for travelers and 24/7 assistance services have helped people all over the world.

Since we’ve been doing this awhile, we know how to navigate travel problems big and small. In fact, we were recently voted a top travel insurance provider by travelers themselves. We’re pretty proud of that!

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We are a group of dedicated travelers who live to explore. Whether you’re searching for the best African safari or where to take your parents the next time they visit you, we’re here to help. When you join the Adventure Team, you’re getting access to a private Facebook group that’s packed with travel tips, an exclusive phone number to jump the queue when you call in to Seven Corners, and many other unique perks.

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