If your Close of Service (COS) date is on or after April 30, 2017 please contact IMG at 855-731-9443, or visit peacecorps.imglobal.com.

AfterCorps Insurance

RPCVs and Dependents AfterCorps Plan

The AfterCorps Insurance Plan was designed for you and your dependents. It provides coverage for worldwide medical treatment as well as an emergency medical evacuation benefit. The plan covers current and future medical treatment, all at a competitive price.

Your Coverage – When you close service, Peace Corps automatically enrolls you in AfterCorps and pays for your first month of coverage. All volunteers are guaranteed to receive this. If you would like to extend your coverage, you can purchase 2 additional months.

Protect Your Dependents – If you like, you may buy this plan to cover your spouse and other dependents. To do this, you must enroll them within the first month of your coverage.

Downloads & Documents

Download the AfterCorps Certificate of Coverage

Provider Network

First Health

Click Here to search for providers in the First Health Network. Make sure that the Network selected is “First Health Network”

When you call a doctor’s office for an appointment or present your ID card to a provider, It is important for you to say: “My healthcare coverage utilizes the First Health Network. Are you a First Health Provider?”

Catamaran | Pharmacy Network

The Catamaran Network includes over 60,000 pharmacy locations nationwide. Your Peace Corps prescription ID card contains all the information that your pharmacist needs. Simply present your ID card to have your prescriptions filled at any one of the Pharmacy Network providers in your area.

If you have any prescription benefit questions, please contact Catamaran at 1-800-531-6351 or Seven Corners at (800)461-0430, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or, please visit www.catamaranrx.com for additional helpful information such as locating a pharmacy & personal health information.


The following forms are available to view online or download. These forms are in html or PDF format, and may require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Acrobat Reader is available as a free download from Adobe. Click here to get Acrobat Reader.

Proof of Loss Form

Health History Questionnaire Form

Release of Information Form

Prescription Reimbursement Form

Prescription Direct Mail Service Form

Grievance & Appeals

For details on grievance and appeals click here.