Frequently Asked Questions

Children ages 14 days – 26 years are eligible for benefits and must be added within 31 days of the Volunteer’s COS date. Newborns must be added within 31 days from the date of birth. Please supply full name, gender, and date of birth.

Yes, spouses are eligible for benefits on your COS date and must be added within 31 days. If you are not married before your COS date, your spouse must be added within 31 days of marriage. If your spouse is also a Volunteer, they must purchase a separate policy. Please supply their full name, gender, date of birth.

Yes, coverage must be extended within 31 days of your COS date in order to maintain continuous coverage and guarantee eligibility. Renewal payments and extensions must be paid by the expiration of the current extension.

You are provided with an AfterCorps medical ID card in the brochure you receive at the time of your COS conference. This provides proof of your insurance coverage and contains important contact information. If you need a replacement ID card, you may download a printable copy online at MyPlan under Forms/Links (Log in or sign up for a new account).

Call Seven Corners’ Customer Service Department at 1-800-544-1802.

You will receive a copy of the Plan Certificate with your first extension. You may also download a printable version of the Plan Certificate on our website or by contacting Seven Corners. The Plan Certificate provides detail on all the benefits and coverage provided under the AfterCorps policy.

You may confirm your extension and payment by visiting MyPlan. You will be asked to provide your AfterCorps Member ID Number for verification purposes. (Your AfterCorps member number is RPCV + your Peace Corps issued Volunteer ID)

What is a premium?
A fee you pay to your insurance company to participate in a health insurance plan.

What is a deductible?
A total amount that you are responsible to pay in a specified time period before your plan will begin to pay benefits.

What is a co-payment?
A specified dollar amount or percentage you are required to pay at the time you receive certain services, such as office visits and prescription drugs.

The AfterCorps insurance plan is designed to provide comprehensive, worldwide medical insurance including international medical evacuation. This competitively priced insurance plan offers the best protection against current and future medical expenses. This plan is strongly recommended for all Volunteers, especially those currently seeking medical treatment for an illness or condition, including eligible pregnancies and maintenance prescriptions. Upon Close of Service (COS), Peace Corps enrolls you in this plan and pays for your first month of coverage.

Your Member Number is used to process your extensions requests and to verify coverage. Your AfterCorps member number is RPCV + your Peace Corps issued Volunteer ID. For example, RPCV100000000. If you need assistance locating your Volunteer ID, please contact Peace Corps Medical Services.

We offer payment by credit card (VISA/MC/AMEX/DISC) and check. We also offer the convenience of Automatic Monthly Deduction with your valid credit card. It is important to keep your information current throughout your policy extension.

Peace Corps PC-127C forms are not related to AfterCorps and are only valid for services Peace Corps has identified on the form. You may use the Peace Corps PC-127C form to obtain a physical exam within 6 months of COS. For questions regarding Peace Corps PC-127C authorizations, please contact Peace Corps at 1-800-424-8580 Ext. 1540.
Please submit Peace Corps PC-127C forms and claims to:
Peace Corps Health Benefit Program
PO Box 3370
Carmel, IN 46082-3370

Seven Corners will assist you with the following services: eligibility, extension requests and payments, dependent coverage, address changes, cancellations, pre-notification of medical treatment, claims processing, medical procedure and coverage questions. Contact us at 1-800-544-1802 (U.S. toll free) or 0-317-582-2609 (collect calls accepted).

You are free to choose any doctor or hospital. However, if you visit a doctor that is not a member of the provider network, you will be responsible for a higher deductible and coinsurance percentage. To locate a doctor or hospital in the provider network within the United States visit our Provider Network Page or you can obtain a referral by contacting Seven Corners.

Yes, a confirmation letter will be sent stating the expiration date of your coverage. In addition, you will receive an extension notice 30 days, 7 days and the day prior to your coverage expiration providing you the option to extend.

Before seeking medical treatment, it is important to notify Seven Corners.

AfterCorps Pre-Notification

No. Although you’ve completed the Pre-notification Requirement, all policy provisions and conditions must be met at the time of treatment.

In the event of an Emergency Hospital admission, Pre-notification must be made within 48 hours after the admission.

If you do no pre-notify, your benefits may be reduced.

Please contact Seven Corners directly at: 1-800-544-1802 (US toll free) or 0-317-582-2609 (collect calls accepted)

AfterCorps Prescription Benefits

Call Seven Corners’ Customer Service Department at 1-800-544-1802.

For the RPCV – Yes. You will need to present your AfterCorps ID card to the pharmacist along with your prescription. Advise the pharmacist that you have a paid prescription plan and they may contact Seven Corners with questions or problems. To help reduce the cost of prescriptions, it is advisable to ask your doctor or pharmacist for a generic substitute if one is available.

For the Dependent – Yes; however, drugs for pre-existing conditions are not covered. Dependents must pay upfront for all prescriptions. A reimbursement claim my then be submitted to Seven Corners for review.

AfterCorps Claims Assistance

You may download and print the claim form or call Seven Corners at 1-800-544-1802 (US toll free) or 0-317-582-2609 (collect calls accepted).

Claim forms and original invoices for reimbursement should be mailed directly to Seven Corners. Please keep a copy for your personal files and send the originals to Seven Corners.

You may submit claims by: Mail:
Seven Corners Inc.
Attn: RPCV Program
303 Congressional Blvd.
Carmel, IN 46032

You may submit a written appeal to Seven Corners requesting the denial be reconsidered. With your appeal, you must include additional documentation to support a reversal of the denial.

You must file a claim form for all of the following situations:

You have received medical care or incurred medical expenses outside the Preferred Provider Network inside the United States.

You have received medical care or incurred medical expenses outside of the United States.

The AfterCorps claims representative requests additional information for further review of your pended claim.


Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA). The workers’ compensation law covering federal (United States) civilian employees and certain other individuals. (Pronounced: “feekah”)

**For complete benefits, please refer to your Plan Certificate. You may visit our AfterCorps Insurance Page for detailed information.