Seven Corners is one of the industry’s most experienced group travel providers. Because of our service focus, our groups come back to us repeatedly for their coverage needs.

There are two types of group business — Custom Groups and Retail Census Groups. Review the differences below to determine which option is best for your group.

1. Custom Groups

This option is for groups needing specific types of coverage and maximum dollar amounts. We can tailor our programs to fit the group’s needs.

We provide:

  • Customized Group Quotes
  • Online Enrollment Options
  • Quick Coverage
  • Impeccable customer service — Our retention rate for groups is high!

Complete a Custom Group Form Below ↓ 

2. Retail Census Groups

If your group doesn’t need specialized or increased benefits, one of our retail plans may be the best option. With a few quick pieces of information, we can provide pricing and issue coverage for a group:

  • Name of retail plan requested — we offer group versions of most of our retail products
  • Each traveler’s name
  • Each traveler’s date of birth
  • Travel dates for each traveler

Enroll trip cancellation groups online. Simply visit the purchase engine for the product you need and increase the number of insureds on page one. The group size limits are shown below. If you have more travelers than the limit allows, please contact your sales representative or our sales team at 1-800-335-0611.

  • RoundTrip and RoundTrip Choice — Enroll up to 8 travelers
  • RoundTrip Economy and RoundTrip Elite — Enroll up to 10 people

Custom Group Travel Insurance Application

If you or people within your organization are planning a group trip, please complete the form below and a Seven Corners sales representative will follow up with you to process your information and provide a quote for your group's trip!


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