NOTE: This group travel request will be processed with each individual traveler receiving their own policy certificate number. Any claims made by the traveler will be submitted directly to Seven Corners by the individual themselves. The individual traveler will be responsible for any and all receipts showing payment for the trip cost. This may include payments made by check (cancelled check is required) credit card (credit card statement required) or cash (receipt of payment required).

  • All group members must be residents of the United States.
  • Group members can travel within or outside of the United States.
  • Your group must have at least 5 travelers, who are not family members (family members can travel with the group).
  • If your group is planning multiple trips, please complete a separate application form for each trip.

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You can cancel your coverage if you are not completely satisfied.

RoundTrip Elite
A full refund is provided if you send us a written request within the first of these to occur: a) 10 days from the effective date of your insurance or b) your scheduled departure date.