J Visa Compliance Travel Medical Insurance

A travel medical insurance plan with the benefits required for J-2 visa holders and their children.

Travel medical insurance for J-2 visa holders and their dependents

As a J-2 visa holder, you’re required to have travel medical insurance that meets the U.S. government's requirements.

COVID Coverage

This plan provides the coverage you need to meet visa requirements, and COVID-19 expenses are treated the same as any other illness.

Who can be covered by the Seven Corners J visa plan? 

You can be covered as a J-2 visa holder, and you can buy coverage for your unmarried children over 14 days of age and under 21 years if they are wholly dependent upon you for maintenance and support.

U.S. residents and citizens are not eligible for this plan.

Important requirements for coverage:

  1. You and your dependents must live outside your home country* while covered.
  2. You must hold a valid J-2 Visa.
  3. The J-1 visa holder must be involved in full-time educational or research activities and remain in official status through full-time educational or research activities.

*Your home country is where you have your permanent residence.

J Visa Compliance Travel Medical Insurance Benefits
Covers up to 10 travelers.

Plan Options
All benefits listed below are in United States dollar amounts. All medical and dental benefits are subject to deductible and/or copay and coinsurance. The initial treatment of an Injury or Illness must occur within 30 days of the date of Injury or onset of Illness. Unless otherwise stated, all benefits are per person, per occurrence, and they are provided up to the amount shown.
Maximum Benefit Amount
Coverage Length
5 days to 364 days
Covered Ages
14 days to 59 years
Benefit Period
180 days
Coverage Extension
Extendable for a total of up to 1,092 days if you continue to meet eligibility requirements.
Coverage Area
Worldwide including the United States
Medical Maximum

$100,000 per person per occurrence (injury or illness)

COVID-19 expenses are covered and treated the same as any other illness

Inside the U.S. a PPO network is available with special network pricing and potential savings for you.

Deductible Options (you pay)
$100; $250; $500
The deductible is per person per occurrence.
Coinsurance (the plan pays)
After you pay the deductible, the plan pays 80% of the next $5,000 of eligible expenses, then 100% to the selected medical maximum.
Hospital Room & Board, Inpatient Hospital Services, Outpatient Hospital/Clinical Services; Physiotherapy; Prescription Drugs
Usual, Reasonable and Customary (URC)* to medical maximum
Emergency Room Services
URC up to medical maximum
$75 Copay per visit
Physician Office Visits
URC up to medical maximum
$25 Copay per visit
Urgent Care Visits
URC up to medical maximum
$25 Copay per visit
Telehealth Consultations or Care
URC up to medical maximum
Local Ambulance
Pre-certification 25% penalty
Required in the United States for specific types of treatment. A 25% reduction in covered expenses applies if you don't obtain pre-certification. Penalty does not apply to a medical emergency. See pre-certification section of the plan document for details.
Maternity Care
80% up to $10,000
Failure to notify the administrator within the first 90 days of pregnancy will result in a 25% reduction in covered expenses.
Routine Newborn Care
$500 per newborn child
Dental – Sudden Relief of Pain
$200 per period of coverage
Dental – Accident
Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation**
$50,000 (separate from the medical maximum)
Emergency Medical Reunion**
$200 per day, 10-day limit
$10,000 maximum
Return of Minor Children**
Return of Mortal Remains**
Local Burial or Cremation**
24/7 Travel Assistance Services**

*URC means Usual, Reasonable, and Customary. It is the maximum amount we will pay for covered expenses based on several factors. See the definition in the plan document for more details.
 Seven Corners Assist arranges these benefits. Failure to use Seven Corners Assist may result in the denial of benefits. Arrangement of the above benefits are not insurance and are handled by Seven Corners Assist. Crum & Forster SPC provides the insurance benefits.

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