Whether it’s your first trip with your partner or a gay get-away with friends, you’ve worked hard to plan your vacation and enjoy yourself. Don’t let a travel mishap spoil your fun.

It’s not something we like to think about but many things can happen to prevent or interrupt your trip. Protect yourself and the money you spent for your trip with RoundTrip® Elite from Seven Corners.

What Could Happen to Prevent My Trip?

  • Sickness, injury, death
  • Traffic accident
  • Strike
  • Weather
  • Bankruptcy
  • Termination, layoff, transfer of your job
  • And many more …

Protect Your Wallet — If a sudden illness prevents you from taking your trip, this plan can help protect you from losing the money you spent on your travel plans.

Protect Your Medical Expenses — If you become sick or injured while traveling, your health insurance at home may not cover it. RoundTrip® Elite helps protect against financial hardship due to unexpected medical expenses.

Protect Your Belongings — You packed important items in your luggage! We can help replace them if they are stolen, lost, or damaged during your trip.

When Daniel and Felipe traveled in Asia, Felipe caught a stomach bug that quickly turned into something serious. See how purchasing coverage from Seven Corners ensured they stayed together during Felipe’s medical treatment.

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