What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance reimburses you for veterinary care to help you avoid a tough financial decision about your pet's health.

Why do I need it?

The costs of veterinary care are rising rapidly, especially as more treatments become available for animals. With our pet insurance, you'll have financial support to help give your pet the best medical care possible.

What does it cover?

Pet insurance typically covers pets in case of accidents or illnesses. Because preventive care is so important to keep your pet happy and healthy, we have options to cover wellness services, which can include vaccines, dental cleanings, and screenings. You can add this coverage for a little more per month.

Our Pet Insurance Coverage

You can get reimbursed up to 90% of covered veterinary costs.* You can also adjust your premium by choosing options such as your annual deductible and reimbursement (co-insurance) percentage.

  • Freedom to Visit Any Vet, Specialist or Emergency Clinic
    You don't have to choose from a list of providers, and you can visit specialists and emergency clinics without a referral. You can also stay with your current veterinarian and enjoy coverage even when traveling.
  • Choice of Annual Deductible
    You can choose your annual deductible to help your premium fit your budget. This deductible only needs to be met once a year per pet, no matter how many incidents occur. On the other hand, per incident deductibles require you to pay a deductible for every single injury or illness, which can really add up.
  • Easy Claim Filing and Direct Deposit
    You can file claims online, by mail, or by fax—whatever works best for you. Plus, you can have your reimbursements directly deposited into your bank account or mailed. You can even choose to have the reimbursement go directly to your veterinarian.
*Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For all terms and conditions visit www.hartvillepetinsurance.com/terms. Preventive and Wellness Care reimbursements are based on a schedule. Complete CoverageSM reimbursements are based on the invoice. Levels 1-4 reimbursements are based on usual and customary eligible costs. Products, rates and discounts may vary and are subject to change.

Plans are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company and administered by Fairmont Specialty Insurance Agency (FSIA Insurance Agency in CA), a Crum & Forster company. C&F and Crum & Forster are registered trademarks of United State Fire Insurance Company.  The Crum & Forster group of companies is rated A (Excellent) by AM Best Company 2015. The United States Fire Insurance Company and Fairmont Specialty Insurance Agency may be individually or collectively referred to as Hartville Pet Insurance GroupSM or Hartville.


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