How to Keep the Weight Off While on Vacation

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May 25, 2012

As you plan on hitting the road for a summer vacation and you know that you will be sitting beachside in a bathing suit, you try to look your best and most fit. Maybe you hit the gym to renew those bygone New Year’s resolutions, or perhaps you engage in a low-fat diet.

Usually, the challenge of willpower of eating and staying healthy comes after you arrive. Vacation is a time for indulging and relaxing, taking a mental and physical break from the constraints and responsibilities of the real world. With this mindset comes a neglectful of the healthy diet you strictly adhered to before you boarded the plane, and by the time your vacation is over, you may regret the progress you lost and the pounds you gained. This year, you will still be able to find that all encompassing relaxation and diversion you seek, but with a little mindfulness and few healthy choices, you will also be able to keep that belly at bay.

Breakfast is a good start

When you rise every morning you may be tempted to rush off and get a headstart on your itinerary, but don’t forget to make eating a healthy and hearty breakfast a priority. According to the Mayo Clinic, breakfast is conducive to not gaining weight because it prevents those potential cravings later on in the day that will most likely cause you to make an impulsive purchase of something fatty or sugary – like vending machine food. Skipping breakfast also encourages overeating in the afternoon. The source goes on to say that by not eating breakfast, you are fasting, and this can trigger a greater insulin response that will contribute to fat storage. Also, by eating a healthy breakfast you will have more energy and thus be more active and able to burn those newly acquired calories.

Make exercise a part of your routine

If you are staying in a hotel, you will undoubtedly have some sort of exercise equipment at your disposal. Although you may have an aversion to anything that may resemble any one of your real-life obligations, you should consider paying a visit to the gym before you end each day. The half an hour you spend lifting weights or running on that treadmill will not only help you stay in shape during your vacation, but it will be a mental booster that will stimulate you and give you energy, which will be a great way to help you maximize the rest of your free time.

Stay active while sightseeing

If you are in a foreign city, you may be tempted to navigate using a rented car or public transportation. For the longer distance ventures through unknown territory, that might be a good idea, but a lot of the sightseeing can be accomplished on foot. Many cities are smaller than they look on a map, and those two or three subway stops might be closer than expected. By walking, you will not only get in crucial exercise, but it will help you familiarize yourself with your surroundings and, most importantly, you will be able to fully take in the city with all five senses.

Public bicycles are also a rapidly growing trend. Many American cities have adopted the system of bicycle rentals in which you can rent or park them on the fly by simply using your credit card. This method of bicycle rental is already a mainstay in most European cities such as London, Paris and Barcelona. Biking will afford you the full experience of wherever you are visiting, and it will get you to and from your designated destinations swiftly and efficiently.

Are you mindful about your diet while traveling?

Provide additional tips in the comment section below about how you kept the weight off while on the road!

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