Embark on safaris around the world.

Embark on Safaris Around the World

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Jul 06, 2012

As more travelers venture out to see the world, several are choosing to connect with local organizations to experience close encounters with nature. One activity that you may want to try is a safari, which allows visitors in new locales to see wildlife in its natural habitat without disturbing the animals’ environment.

When you envision a safari adventure, you may picture a jeep rolling through an African savannah, passing lions or herds of zebras. While these types of excursions can be a thrill, safaris are not limited to the Dark Continent, as many places throughout the world allow guests to take journeys to spot and photograph all kinds of animals in the wild. With the proper planning and the right travel medical insurance, an expedition to any of the following hotspots can be an unforgettable experience.

Journey to India for a rugged safari

India is a beautiful and expansive destination that is home to many large and majestic beasts that can be seen on an exotic safari. One of the best places to roam is the Ranthambore National Park located south of Jaipur. Bird lovers will enjoy this nature reserve, as there are more than 300 avian species to see throughout the area. Other impressive animals to keep an eye out for include tigers, wild boar and jackals, all of which live in the wooded areas and among the ruins of old temples and forts.

A safari does not have to be a hot and humid experience – you can head to northwestern India and visit a conservatory run by Americans in Hemis National Park. Among the snow drifts live wild mountain goats, golden eagles, Tibetan argali sheep and snow leopards. There are more than 100 of these leopards in the park that visitors may see on guided tours offered by locals, and guests can often stay at the guides’ homes during their visit.

Safaris abound in the U.S.

The U.S. may be thought of as a strange place for a safari, but the massive country has several places where you can see beautiful animals that may not be native to the area, but nonetheless roam free in massive nature preserves. For instance, outside the city of Columbus, Ohio, is an attraction called The Wilds. At this open-air facility, guests can observe creatures such as rhinos, cheetahs and mountain zebras as they are guided through the park on a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Only a short drive from sunny Palm Beach, Florida, is Lion Country Safari. You could spend the morning at the beach and by the afternoon be surrounded by wildebeests, giraffes, chimpanzees and, of course, lions. You can take your own vehicle through the park to see the animals up close and travel at your own pace.

Fiji’s version of a safari

The highlight of a safari may be the amazing scenery that provides a dramatic and exotic background for the excursion. In Fiji, travelers take an Off-Road Caves Safari and be guided through the island group’s largest cavern system. Guests are led through underground tunnels on ATVs to the Naihehe Cave, which is steeped in history and has been used in religious and cultural ceremonies for years.

If you want to take a safari and explore new locales, these types of adventures can make for a thrilling vacation that truly connects visitors to the natural beauty of a destination.


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