7 Creative Ways to Remember a Vacation

  • Travel Team
Mar 12, 2013

The vacation might be over but the memories will last a lifetime.

1. The Post Card Book.

Wherever you go for the day, buy a post card and mail it to yourself.  After you get home combine them into a book. Whether you are going on a multi-city trip or staying in the same location this is a great way to preserve your memories. Click here for an example

2. The Shadow Box.

It is so simple to save to all of your plane, train, and museum tickets…but what do you do with them when you get home?!  We are not all born to be scrap-bookers so, buy a shadowbox and slip the tickets through the top.  An effortless and artsy way to remember where you’ve been.  I also keep my passport there between trips.

3. The Vacation Jar.

Especially great if you go to the beach.  Bring home some sand, a few seashells, a picture, and anything small from a tourist shop.  Put them in the jar and display it in your home.  Don’t forget to mark it with a tag or label with the year and vacation spot. Here is an example

4. The Video Montage.

If you’re like me, you appreciate videos more than pictures.  Make sure you have a minimum of 1 hour of video time from your vacation.  After you go home send in your videos to a montage company, or make your own.  Compress your vacation into a ten minute video for a fun keepsake that makes your vacation come to life over and over again!  I highly recommend this for study abroad as you will constantly reminisce about your life overseas.

5. The Picture Message.

Bring computer paper and a thick sharpie with you at all times. Pick a message, and each time you visit someplace beautiful write one word from that message on the paper.  Take a picture with it, and at the end of the trip combine the photos into a poster. It is perfect for a gift!

6. Keep a Blog.

Simple and cheap -- all you need is a computer and some bandwidth. At the end of every day journal your activities, your thoughts, good experiences, bad experiences, and anything else you don’t want to forget.  Invite friends and family members to view your blog each day.  They will love reading it and the pressure of an audience will help motivate you to write every day.  After you return home, print it out on stationary and voilà, it’s a book!

7. The Scratch-Off Map.

A classic way to remember (and show off!) where you have been.  SEARCH.



Have other creative ways to remember vacations beyond social media? Comment below!

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